The Quartz Advantage

Five Key Reasons to Choose Caesarstone® Quartz Surfaces

Selecting the right surface material for your project is an essential element of the design process.
There are five distinct advantages to choosing Caesarstone® for your interior design.


Quartz is a Hard-Wearing Surface

Caesarstone® quartz surfaces have exceptional hard-wearing properties - created from up to ~90% natural quartz aggregates, organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins.

Like natural stone, Caesarstone® quartz surfaces, or engineered stone as it is otherwise known, has an equally long life-span. It will not crack or chip as easily as granite or slate and does not require regular sealing like natural stone.

Caesarstone® quartz surfaces outperform natural stone and laminate surfaces for durability in all standardised testing and are easily repairable.

For added peace of mind, all Caesarstone® products come with a comprehensive 10 Year Limited Warranty and a unique stamp to assure authenticity. We encourage you to register for your Caesarstone warranty and take advantage of the complementary cleaning kit.

Register Your Warranty

Easy Care and Maintenance

Virtually water-resistant Caesarstone® quartz can maintain their beautiful aesthetic for much longer than their natural stone counterparts.

The water-resistant properties mean Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are not as susceptible to absorbing everyday spills, bacteria or smells from raw foods.

For these reasons, Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are the leading choice for the kitchen, butler’s pantry, laundry and bathroom in homes across Australia.

We highly recommend visiting our cleaning and maintenance page for videos, tips and all the advice you need to maintain the lustre of your surfaces.

Cleaning & Maintenance Advice

Withstands Exposure to Heat

Like natural stone, Caesarstone® quartz surfaces have a high heat tolerance and can be used around kitchen hobs and for splashbacks in line with regulations.

Like all stone surfaces, engineered stone can suffer damage from any sudden and rapid surface temperature changes.

We recommend you seek professional installation advice and check the warranty limitations before committing to any installations.

Sophisticated Designs, Crafted for You

Featuring in many of the most photographed homes in Australia; the finesse, texture and depth of Caesarstone® quartz surface designs deliver an unprecedented look for luxurious kitchen spaces.

Caesarstone® offers an array of inspirational colours and design styles; from beautiful marble-inspired designs to the latest innovative textures and industrial concrete designs.

Go behind the scenes with Crafted For You

Easy to Install

Highly-adaptable and easy to fabricate to almost any design or space Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are incredibly versatile; featuring in a broad range of applications from furniture to kitchens and laundries across residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Quartz Performance During Standardised Testing

How Quartz Compares to other Surfaces

The following results, from testing by Breton Spa in Italy, show the high levels of performance of Caesarstone’s physical properties compared with alternate surface offerings.

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