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The health and safety of our employees, suppliers, partners and communities are our first priority

Building a safe and sustainable stone industry together

Caesarstone® surfaces are in millions of homes around the world, and comply with the strictest standards of hygiene and sterility. As the world’s leading surface developer and manufacturer, the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, partners and communities are our first priority. As such, Caesarstone® promotes safe working environments, free of hazards and in compliance with all local law.

Continue to improve safety practice in the stone industry

Caesarstone® is committed to continuing to work with our fellow manufacturers, stonemasons, regulators and government to achieve a sustainable industry that protects all workers.

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Our Global EHS Policy Statement

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Caesarstone® Safety Newsletter – Feb 2022 Edition

Leading the industry with safety standards through the Master of Stone® program

We aim to provide every stonemason with information that will enable them to ensure all workers have a safe, clean workplace, free from unsafe processing practices. We have invested many years of research and joint work with stonemasons all over the world to develop the Master of Stone® program – a unique, innovative free training platform that is accessible to everyone in the industry.

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MOS certified fabricators

Over 1,726 stonemasons in Australia alone (and over 4,000 stonemasons worldwide) have completed the Master of Stone® program, which has received widespread recognition and praise from stonemasons and global professional organisations working in the industry.

The program has been supported by state regulators as an effective method of training within our industry.

MOS certified fabricators

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Striving for end-to-end sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle

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Latest Caesarstone® Silicosis Statement

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