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Reading: Repair a Chip

Repair a Chip

What to do if you chip your Caesarstone®?

Caesarstone® is a very robust surface and stronger than both marble and granite, but it is not indestructible.
In the unlikely event that your Caesarstone surface is chipped from an external collision, it can generally be repaired.

Chips that appear after installation are not covered under warranty and we recommend contacting a repairer directly for a quote or more information.

How do I protect my Caesarstone® from chipping?

There are simple measures you can take to ensure chipping doesn’t occur.

  • Sharp non-radiused edge profiles should never be used. Caesarstone® recommends a minimum radius of at least 3-4mm on any edge profile. The larger the radius, the more resistant the edge will have to impact. You can read more about edge profiles here
  • If the benchtop incorporates an undermount sink then the top edge of Caesarstone sink cut out must be a minimum radius of 6mm to minimise risk of chipping should a heavy pot hit this edge.
  • Ensure cupboards and drawers are installed correctly and don’t make contact with the Caesarstone® surface when opening and closing.
  • Take care to not drop heavy items onto a Caesarstone benchtop. To avoid impact damage to your Caesarstone, protect your bench top with a chopping board or other surface protectors when using heavy pots and pans.

In the unlikely event that you damage your Caesarstone®, view our Frequently Asked Questions for more assistance.

Find a Repairer

Find a local repairer to help your Caesarstone looking its best.

For more information and pricing to repair a chip, please contact the repairer listed below that is located closest to you.​

NOTE: Caesarstone® are not affiliated with any chip repairers listed below.​


Benchtop Chip Repair, VIC
Thomas Hirzel
M: 0404 953 493

Instone Design, VIC
Peter Fikus
M: 0413 564 749

All Benchtop Repairs, QLD
Jared Bauer
07 5530 1423 
[email protected]

The Marble Man, QLD
1300 627 626

Rotary Stone Restorations, SA
0404 483 409

Rocus Stone Repairs, WA
Dave Rojas
0422 307 018

GK Stone Repairs, ACT
Gary Koroschetz
0410 002 161
[email protected]