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Surfaces for you.
For a lifetime.

Let your home speak for you.
Discover our new Porcelain Surfaces.

In our fast-paced world, finding solace in nature is increasingly important. Caesarstone® draws inspiration from nature for its new Porcelain surfaces, featuring 8 new designs and 2 new finishes that celebrate natural textures. Textured Stone finishes mimic sedimentary stones like Limestone and Travertine, with warm and rich colours and patinas that bear traces of corrosion or mineral stains and sediment. mineral stains. Silk finishes on marble-inspired surfaces reflect a trend toward warmer neutrals, echoing the earth's timeless palette and subtle textures. Conveying a sense of modernity and innate simplicity, they echo the earthy colour palette and subtle texture formed in the natural world over millennia.

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See your benchtop
come to life

  • 531


    New Porcelain Surface

    Its warm-white base, with light-grey undertones, is suffused with complex, irregular veining in soft feathery greys and darker, charcoal striations. The surface of Libretta creates a light-reflective visual focal point that is both elegant and unobtrusive.

  • 581


    New Porcelain Surface

    Combining the luxury and translucency of marble with the patina of weathered stone, Lucillia features a warm white base washed with fine, icy veins that crackle across the entire surface. Further depth is achieved courtesy of subtle caramel accents.

  • 507


    New Porcelain Surface

    The latest iteration of the distinctive Calacatta marble, Marbannova reflects the global shift towards warmer hues for interiors. Featuring a warm white base with prominent veining, Marbannova is infused with striations of subtle gold, warm grey and muted copper.

  • 543


    New Porcelain Surface

    Nature is the ultimate creator of beauty and here, Marenstone takes its cue from ancient crushed shells that, over time, have been reduced to fine particles of sand that then metamorphose into limestone. Marenstone is a simple, timeless surface design with ivory base and a granular patina in beige and deep-bronze.

  • 550


    New Porcelain Surface

    The resurgence of travertine is driven, in part, by designers’ interest in prehistory and archaeology, where nature, not mankind, created beauty, colour and texture. Silvax recreates the discernible banded structure of sedimentary limestone, with its tiny, oxidised markings of misty clays and silvery grays.

  • 542


    New Porcelain Surface

    The name says it all! Picture a beautifully weathered, milky white stone. Envisage the adornment of a mottled layer of mosses, in a combination of muted sage and deeper green, across its entire surface. Then add the patina of iodised impurities and subtle rust veins – that’s Caesarstone® Mosstone!

  • 544


    New Porcelain Surface

    Archaeology, and the compression of ancient fossils and minerals within a solid surface, were the inspiration for Auralux. With a neutral earthy gray base, this porcelain comes alive with its complex composition of tiny shells, grains and aggregates, together with flecks of impurities in taupe, putty and weathered white.

  • 511


    New Porcelain Surface

    Bold, striking and a complete game-changer! With its midnight-black base and lightning-like streaks and striations in chalk-white, Smokestone is a powerful statement for any interior. Its irregular calcite streaks and layers of earthy impurities create a surface that exudes luxury and timeless elegance.

Our Porcelain Surfaces

Extremely hard, heat and UV resistant; Caesarstone® Porcelain is the superior surface for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries; as well as outdoor kitchens and living areas.

Sustainably sourced and ethically produced, Caesarstone® Porcelain comprises natural minerals fused at ultra-high temperatures and under intense pressure, to deliver a high-performance, exceptionally resilient surface material in an inspired modern range of natural stone, marble veined and industrial inspired designs.

For added peace of mind, each Caesarstone® Porcelain surface carries a lifetime warranty – whether installed inside or out.

Create a home
that feels like you

  • Your kitchen. A reflection of you.

    The superior functionality of Caesarstone® Porcelain is the perfect solution for kitchen benchtops, islands, splashbacks, and dropdown panels. Elegantly slender slab thickness benchtops, bring timeless designs, modernity, and sustainability to your kitchen.

  • Outdoor Living.

    Our UV-resistant Porcelain surfaces deliver sustainable beauty and superior durability for all outdoor entertaining spaces. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme heat, and any form of staining, Caesarstone® Porcelain is a surface of exceptional functionality and beauty for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

  • Luxurious Bathrooms & Laundries.

    Waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean; our porcelain surfaces are ideal for everyday functionality in bathrooms and laundry benchtops and splashbacks.

  • Open Plan Living.

    Caesarstone® Porcelain designs are equally at home in blending the overall look of your living spaces and beyond the kitchen into dining and living areas in benches, furniture and fitted joinery applications.

  • In-Sync Technology.

    In-Sync Technology creates seamless design continuity across body, surface and edge by blending pure raw minerals of varying grain sizes into each porcelain slab.

  • Surface finishes that last a lifetime.

    Caesarstone® Porcelain presents a diverse collection of surfaces to complement every home and enhance each style of interior. Designs emulate a wide array of natural materials, from stone and marble to travertine and even cement. Finishes include Honed, Silk, Ultra Rough and Stone.