Caesarstone Outdoor Collection

A breakthrough combination of high durability and UV resistance for outdoor luxury.

The Collection

The Outdoor Collection takes the luxury and durability of Caesarstone to outdoor entertaining with three beautiful new UV resistant quartz surface designs.

Join Caesarstone ambassador, award-winning landscape designer, and exterior stylist Adam Robinson, as he shows you how to get the best from this new collection for your outdoor space.

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Three Innovative New Designs


515 Palm Shade

The classic look of white marble with a white base and discrete veining.



406 Clearskies

A darker, earthier concrete look that suits both indoor and outdoor applications.



405 Midday

This versatile light concrete look correlates to the organic beauty of nature.


The Best Performing Surface

Designed and tested by our research and development team, the Outdoor Collection melds all the enduring qualities of Caesarstone with the latest in weather and UV resistance technology.

Outperforming other common outdoor materials in standardised testing, the Outdoor Collection brings the continuity of beauty, strength and durability to outdoor kitchens and contemporary backyards.

1. The samples were strengthened with a supportive net on the opposite side. We assume that the results would be inferior, had the net not been used.

2. Granite is covered with a protective sealer that requires resealing every few months. The sealer improves stain resistance.

Textured Finish

Inspired by the tactile nature of polished concrete, these covetable new designs have a lightly textured concrete finish. A captivating embodiment of nature and industrial design.

Find out more about the finishes for Caesarstone® designs.

Frequently Asked Questions




Caesarstone Outdoor has excellent physical and weather enduring properties, enabling use in the outdoor environment, without damaging its performance, functionality or appearance. The surfaces’ original colour endures over time. They also withstand extreme temperatures and conditions such as extreme heat and cold, snow and rain. The surfaces are highly durable, non-porous, stain-resistant and require no special maintenance treatments.

Caesarstone developed a special resin (patented technology) that has excellent outdoor performance, allowing us to launch the most advanced outdoor product in the market, Caesarstone Outdoor.

The product has a lightly textured concrete matte finish.

Caesarstone Outdoor surfaces are available in three colours:

  • Palm Shade (515) brings the classic look of white marble.
  • Clearskies (406) is a beton grey.
  • Midday (405) has a tinted white concrete base.

A Caesarstone Outdoor surface is a standard slab of 3050 mm x 1440 mm and 20mm thick.

Caesarstone Outdoor surfaces fall within the Supernatural price range. Your kitchen designer or stonemason will be able to provide you with a price quote to suit your design.

Although quartz material is durable and weather resistant, Caesarstone’s regular surfaces are made with a resin that is relatively sensitive to UV. Standard engineered stone products are more likely to visibly change colour over time if affected by UV rays.

Unlike the standard Caesarstone product, the Caesarstone Outdoor Collection is warranted for outdoor usage and significant fading due to exposure to UV sunlight.

Like all products specifically designed for the Australian outdoors, the Caesarstone Outdoor Collection is subject to normal and expected deterioration resulting from exposure to environmental factors. This includes a slight degree of fading from UV rays over a long period of time which, it should be noted, significantly outperforms standard engineered stone results in this area.

We direct your attention to the Outdoor Collection Performance Guide in Relation to UV Resistance and to the terms in the Caesarstone Outdoor Collection warranty and in particular clause 1G. 

Caesarstone Outdoor surfaces are designed to withstand weather conditions across Australia and built for temperatures ranging from -25°C to 50°C. They endure seasonal outdoor conditions including UV irradiance, high temperatures, long water exposure, freezing conditions and more.

After conducting thorough testing to ensure consistent results, we have proven that there is minimal change in surface performance or appearance after years of exposure to all weather conditions.

No. Caesarstone is a non-porous surface, so you will never have to apply a sealer to any Caesarstone surface.


When designing your BBQ area, always follow the cooking appliance manufacturer instructions. Where the manufacturer does not specify barbecue clearances, clearance distances shall be as described in AS/NZS 5601:1 2013. Always seek advice from a licensed gasfitter and follow the guidelines as set out in AS/NZS 5601.1:2013.

There are many BBQ brands that offer a heat jacket option for installation around combustible materials. Brands include Tucker Barbecues, Heatlie Barbecues, Grandfire, DCS by Fisher & Paykel, Sub-Zero Wolf and Lynx.

Yes. Caesarstone Outdoor can be used effectively indoors in areas such as benchtops, splashbacks, vanities and laundries. The performance characteristics are the same as standard Caesarstone engineered stone. The matte concrete finish of Caesarstone Outdoor also provides a lovely point of difference to many of the indoor colour options.

Caesarstone Outdoor is not recommended for flooring.

Yes. Caesarstone Outdoor comes with a 10 year limited warranty for outdoor use, including significant fading due to exposure to UV sunlight.

Caesarstone surfaces are highly scratch resistant, however, avoid using sharp objects such as knives or screwdrivers directly on the surface. Using a cutting board is always recommended. View our Care & Maintenance page on our website for more information.

Caesarstone Outdoor can be cleaned very easily with water and soap, or with a neutral cleaner. Avoid using abrasive reagents or aggressive cleaning agents. Use a simple cloth or microfiber cloth for cleaning and avoid using an abrasive sponge. It is recommended to cover the benchtop when not in use.

Please see detailed instructions on our Care & Maintenance web page at:

Technical Information

Outdoor Design
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