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Reading: It’s Summer – We All Need A Third Room!

It’s Summer – We All Need A Third Room!

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The ‘third room’ is currently on high rotation! It’s the outdoor space we gravitate to during lazy summer afternoons and balmy evenings to eat, relax and entertain.

In the past couple of years this supplementary living space has become a mainstream addition to many homes and apartments, with consumers seeking the same level of sophistication they enjoy in their interior spaces. But one factor gaining increasing traction is the desire to create these spaces sustainably and ethically.

There are a few key pointers on how to achieve a dream outdoor kitchen, such as ensuring there is enough bench space to accommodate food prep and ingredients plus any additional cooking appliances (to the BBQ), such as a pizza oven.

Outdoor kitchen, designed by Studio Minosa, and featuring Caesarstone Porcelain Lumena

Functionality is the overall consideration – include drawers and perhaps a sink and a bar refrigerator – the less trips back to the interior kitchen the less stressful the entertaining experience will be. And check out the aspect – is there a need to introduce shade – and pay careful attention to the materials selected.

The kitchen pictured, designed by award-winning Studio Minosa, features a long countertop with integrated drawers that provides ample space for BBQ and pizza oven, as well as a generous food prep surface. The designer selected Caesarstone® Porcelain Lumena™ for both the countertop and splashback. The choice of colour is statement-making without being overly intrusive – it complements existing materials such as timber cladding, stone tiles and the lush green foliage. The pearl-white base of Lumena™ is overlayed with a delicate intersection of veining in crackling dark grey (which mirrors the grey of the stone tiles). The subtle lustre of the surface and its honed finish contribute to the timeless elegance of the design.

The beautiful aesthetics of this Porcelain surface are only half the story – Caesarstone provides a life-time warranty with its Porcelain surfaces, in recognition of the longevity of the material – they are completely UV-resistant, as well as heat, stain and scratch resistant.

Each slab of Caesarstone Porcelain is ethically produced from natural raw ingredients, including clay, feldspar and oxides. With a 12mm profile and surface dimensions of 1,600 x 3,200mm, these larger slabs make the achievement of sweeping expanses of joint-free surfaces a welcome reality. All Caesarstone Porcelain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, enabling an uninterrupted flow of aesthetics from one area to the other.

In keeping with Caesarstone’s environmental sustainability commitment, Porcelain carries the Greenguard, HPD (Health Product Declaration), LBC Red List Compliance (Living Building Challenge) and Kosher certificates of approval.