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Reading: The Art Of Culinary Flow – From Indoors To Out

The Art Of Culinary Flow – From Indoors To Out

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White is a perennial favourite for kitchens – classic, elegant, timeless – but the new white is one of tonal variation, of texture and materiality. And never is white more versatile than when used to link an indoor and outdoor kitchen/entertaining space – it creates fluidity and a perception of space, yet imbues a sense of luxury and sophistication.

In the indoor/outdoor kitchen pictured, designed by Studio Minosa, the two spaces are just a few short steps from each other, a purely functional element to facilitate the inevitable trips back and forth for ingredients or implements!

Materials are the tour de force in these spaces – sustainably produced Caesarstone Porcelain Archetta benchtops for both – plus light timber accents for cabinetry and floors, to add warmth and texture, along with finger tiles in a warm white and brushed copper metallics.

The Porcelain Archetta, with its soft, ivory-white base, is beautifully overlayed with charcoal grey striations that seemingly dissolve into the stone – along with small, mineral accents that appear courtesy of muted green and yellow crystalline layers. The overall look – for the striking island bench, rear splashback and workbench, as well as outdoor kitchen surfaces – is one of honed translucency, calm and purity.

While together the materials exude luxury and serenity, each has also been selected for its longevity and durability – the design of these cooking, eating, entertaining spaces is modern and sophisticated, but they are also timeless in their appeal, with no elements requiring replacement in the foreseeable future.

Caesarstone® Porcelain Archetta™

Each slab of Caesarstone Porcelain is ethically produced from natural raw ingredients, including clay, feldspar and oxides. Carrying a lifetime warranty, these surfaces offer extreme heat resistance; UV resistance; scratch resistance; stain resistance and general chemical resistance, making them virtually indestructible.

Each slab of Caesarstone® Porcelain has a 12mm profile and 1,600 x 3,200m dimensions – meaning larger, sweeping expanses of joint-free surfaces can be achieved.

In keeping with Caesarstone’s environmental sustainability commitment, Porcelain carries the Greenguard, HPD (Health Product Declaration), LBC Red List Compliance (Living Building Challenge), CE (European Conformity) and Kosher certificates of approval.