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Reading: A Luxurious Dip Into Sustainability

A Luxurious Dip Into Sustainability

2 min read

Sustainable luxury, especially in the bathroom, can at first glance appear to be an oxymoron. A closer look however, reveals many suppliers have made great inroads into the creation of ethically sourced and produced bathroom surfaces and materials.

Caesarstone® recently launched a collection of 17 porcelain surfaces that are sustainably produced from natural raw materials such as Feldspar, clay, quartz and natural oxide. Longevity, another factor in the creation of a sustainable bathroom, is guaranteed with Caesarstone® Porcelain – it carries a lifetime warranty, being resistant to staining, scratching, intense heat and UV rays.

The luxury bathing space pictured, depicts a heightened level of elegance and sophistication, underpinned by a sublime mix of natural materials, natural light and a neutral colour palette.

Caesarstone® Porcelain Mirabel™, for the vanity, anchors the space – its ivory base with striations of washed clay and charcoal plus copper accents creates the template for the materials palette. White finger tiles, from floor to ceiling, light timber cabinetry and reed glass in the lower half of the full height steel-framed windows – all contribute texture and mood, harmony and visual interest.

While together the materials exude luxury and serenity, each has also been selected for its longevity and durability – the design of this bathing space is modern and sophisticated, but it is also timeless in its appeal, with no elements requiring replacement in the foreseeable future.

Each slab of Caesarstone® Porcelain has a 12mm profile and 1600 x 3200m dimensions – meaning larger, sweeping expanses of joint-free surfaces can be achieved.

In keeping with Caesarstone’s environmental sustainability commitment, Porcelain carries the Greenguard, HPD (Health Product Declaration), LBC Red List Compliance (Living Building Challenge), CE (European Conformity) and Kosher certificates of approval.