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Reading: Bathing With Nature

Bathing With Nature

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Bathroom design is taking its cue from nature, with materials, colours and decorative elements all being inspired by, or made from, natural elements. Colours are warm and earthy, materials are timber, stone and various minerals, while architectural elements, such as skylights and bifold doors, invite the outside in.

The evolution of the bathroom – from a purely utilitarian space to one of nurturing, replenishing, cleansing – has led to a re-evaluation of the materials and finishes we use.

Texture, tone and tactility are all key factors in today’s bathroom, along with a desire to use natural materials that are both responsibly sourced and ecologically sustainable.

Caesarstone_Warm White Bathroom_Solenna_Press Release

The bathroom pictured has captured the look – the anchor to the room is the full length, slab-like vanity in Caesarstone® Mineral Surface Solenna™ (itself a design inspired by nature), with the same surface being used for the integrated shelving unit.

Caesarstone_Warm White Bathroom_Solenna_Press Release 2

Timber features throughout, in flooring, shelving, ceiling and mirror, while the extra large skylight and beautiful, creeping foliage creates a direct link to the natural world.

While simple in its design, the bathroom is both timeless and elegant – warm, putty whites, almond, ecru and honeyed amber will never date. This colour palette is echoed in the Caesarstone® Solenna™ Mineral Surface used for the vanity and shelving unit – its rich, milky-white base is overlayed with prominent veining in a mix of pale umber and putty, and the occasional amber to give further depth. Its polished finish ensures maximum light reflection, while its patina complements materials such as matte black or bronze hardware.

Solenna™ is one of three new colours introduced to the Caesarstone® Mineral Surfaces collection in August 2023. The others are Dreamy Carrara™, whose silky white base and scattering of fine, sedimentary veins in a mix of earthy greys and deep taupes emulates the time worn patina of Carrara marble, and Brillianza™, a captivating surface featuring a luminous patina of quartzite with frosty whites and cool greys interspersed with crackled and crystalline imperfections.

Caesarstone_Warm White Bathroom Sink_Solenna_Press Release

The three new Mineral Surfaces from Caesarstone® are all low silica, with the bulk of their mineral content being Feldspar. This new generation of sustainable surfaces is notable for its extreme resistance to stains, heat and impact – and its lifetime warranty. Maintenance requirements are minimal – just a regular wipe with a damp cloth and a light detergent for more stubborn stains (sealing is definitely not required).