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Reading: New Caesarstone colours for 2021

New Caesarstone colours for 2021

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July 2021 heralds the launch of our Caesarstone® Whitelight Collection. A suite of highly durable, light natural quartz stone colours expertly crafted to capture the calm, serene beauty of nature inside your home.

At the heart of the inspiration behind the Whitelight Collection is the essence of wellness and serenity. We are experiencing life in a new way now with everyone, everywhere, spending more time at home. We’re longing for a connection to the outdoors and a sense of calm—a way to capture a beautiful, long-lasting piece of the Earth at the heart of our homes.

The new collection features eight exquisite quartz colours, including four new quartz colour releases Arabetto™Adamina™Aterra Blanca™ and Calacatta Maximus™. 

Inside the Whitelight Collection:

New Arabetto™ is the marble of tomorrow. Its modern and timeless interpretation of the classic arabescatto marble bestows interior spaces with dynamic grey veins interlaced with jade and copper across a crisp, white, polished base.

Aterra Blanca™ encapsulates the natural beauty of authentic marble. Its misty white base reveals the softest strokes of earthy veining that swirl slowly into the depth of the stone. Its natural movement brings a beautiful warm energy to interior spaces.

Adamina™ bestows interior spaces with the tender touches of a golden dune. Inspired by the beauty of natural sandstone and travertine over time, this design captures the essence of beachside living inside our homes. 

Calacatta Maximus™ revives the beauty of prominent Calacatta veining with its oversized soft grey and delicate copper veining that run through its pure white base. The subtle natural finish enhances the depth of its authentic look and feel.

In addition to the four new colours, the Whitelight Collection features four of our classic and timeless quartz colours, Vivid White™Statuario Maximus™White Attica™ and Empira White™

Samples are available to order now, but we highly recommend you view the captivating beauty of each of the Whitelight Collection quartz colours in person at your nearest Caesarstone® showroom.