Statuario Maximus™

Statuario Maximus™ 5031

Everyday Masterpiece.

Statuario Maximus™ is a marble-inspired design featuring a remarkable blend of broad warm, and fine delicate grey veins that sweep across its soft white base. It’s a timeless reflection of modern style and durability.


Enhanced by its polished finish, Statuario Maximus™ works in harmony with traditional and contemporary kitchen designs as well as a broad range of colour palettes.

The craftsmanship and detail of Statuario Maximus™ capture the exceptional depth of natural marble. It brings an unmistakable sense of luxury and beauty to interior designs.

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Statuario Maximus ™ samples provide only a tiny section of a slab design. To appreciate the design's pattern, texture and movement, we strongly encourage you to view the design first-hand at your nearest Caesarstone or Kitchen Retail Showroom.

Durable & Timeless Benefits

Incredibly impenetrable, dense, and resilient for long-lasting quality.
Harder, stronger, and safer than marble, granite, and other natural stones.
Easy to Clean
Simple care with just soap and water, no need for sealing, and essentially effortless to maintain.
Nonporous, hosts no bacteria, mould, or mildew, remains safe and sanitary for ultimate cleanliness.
Stain Resistant
An impenetrable surface that is highly nonporous and nonabsorbent.
Heat Resistant
Caesarstone quartz is heat resistant, but using a trivet is required for very high temperatures.
Scratch Resistant
Impressive scratch-resistance strength, not susceptible to scrapes or scuffs.
Enduring Quality
Caesarstone uses up to 90% natural quartz minerals offering a 10 year limited warranty.
Ease of Installation
Easy to template, install and customise by professionals.
Environmentally Friendly
Certified for its durability and low maintenance.

Perfect Pairings for Statuario Maximus™

Together with the colour experts at Wattyl and polytec, we recommend pairing Statuario Maximus™ with polytec Blossom White Venette cabinetry and Wattyl Floral White paint for a contemporary design.

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Left: Caesarstone® Statuario Maximus™
Top Right: polytec Blossom White Venette
Bottom Right: Wattyl Floral White

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Design Advice

When choosing a bold marble design as the hero for kitchen islands and splashbacks, you may wish to complement the design with other stone colours that work in harmony to create a seamless look and feel. In some cases, the blending of colours can help optimise your budget.

Statuario Maximus™ incorporates veins, which can create slight natural variations between slabs. To enhance the design outcomes across multiple slabs and edges, always discuss the stone's design flow with your stonemason before cutting.

We recommend the mitred apron edge profile for benchtops greater than 20mm in thickness to achieve the best surface-to-edge pattern continuity.

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Surface Care and Maintenance for Statuario Maximus™

Caesarstone® polished surfaces require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new. We recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water for routine cleaning, using a mild detergent and a clean damp cloth. Alternatively, you can use our specially formulated Caesarstone® Spray Cleaner.

View our Care & Maintenance page for cleaning advice.

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Collection Caesarstone
Range Standard Deluxe Supernatural Supernatural Premium Supernatural Ultra
Available Thickness 20mm
Surface Finish Polished Concrete Rough Natural  
Nominal Slab Dimensions Standard: 3,050mm by 1,440mm
Grande: 3,200mm by 1,640mm
Weights Standard: 20mm = 198-206kg (45-47kg per m²)
Grande: 20mm = 236-247kg (45-47kg per m²)

Available Edge Profile

Note: A minimum radius of 3-4mm is recommended on any edge profile.

Pencil Edge

Recommended 6mm minimum radius

Bullnose Edge

Full profile radius

Laminated Edge

For a thicker edge look

Mitred Apron Edge

Especially recommended for supernatural design edges

Shark Nose Edge

Where a thin edge / floating look is desired

Splayed Edge

Often used for furniture

5x5 Shadow Line Edge Join

An excellent option for islands and drop down panels