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Since 1987 Caesarstone has combined design creativity and expertise in crafting beautiful, high-quality, durable and unique surfaces that empower you to create spaces that reflect your style and individuality.

Caesarstone Mineral surfaces are the ideal surface solution for kitchen benchtops, splash backs and applications in bathrooms, laundries, furniture and commercial interiors.

Pioneering, advanced technology.
Same designs, new material blend.

Caesarstone Mineral™ crystalline silica-free sustainable surfaces are developed by our pioneering expertise and advanced technology, and crafted from a unique blend of distinctive minerals, recycled materials, and other innovative materials.

Utilising cutting-edge technology, they adhere to Caesarstone’s highest quality and fabrication standards, surpassing the most rigorous industry and safety testings and complying with strict regulatory requirements, including XRD tests and the Hazard & Human Risk Assessment (HHRA) conducted by certified Australian laboratories.

These surfaces deliver exceptional longevity with minimal maintenance, confirming Caesarstone’s renowned quality and outperforming other surface materials, backed by our famous Lifetime Warranty.

Caesarstone is well advanced in transitioning our Mineral designs from the previous low silica formula to the new crystalline silica-free material blend with many of our most popular Mineral designs already available in the new crystalline silica-free blend, with the full collection transition concluding latter in 2024.

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Each of our surfaces is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the highest level of international quality standards and is backed by professional customer service and support. For added peace of mind, Caesarstone products come with a lifetime Warranty. Visit for more information.

Both of these products are manufactured in the same way, the major difference being in the raw material, engineered stone is classified as an artificial product that: a) is created by combining and heat curing natural stone materials that contain crystalline silica (such as quartz or stone aggregate) with chemical constituents (such as water, resins or pigments). Our Caesarstone Mineral™ material blend is made from recycled glass, polymer resins and pigment.

The collection is a curated range of our most loved designs, which will be transitioning to a crystalline silica-free material blend in line with the new government regulations.

View the designs transitioning throughout 2024.

Moving forward our complete range of Caesarstone Mineral™ surfaces will be available in Grande size slabs 3,240 x 1,640mm x 20mm.

Same designs and finishes, new material blend.

Developed by our pioneering expertise and advanced technology, creating a crystalline silica-free material that delivers high resistance, durability, aesthetics, and exceptional design versatility.

The new composition combines unique minerals and recycled materials such as glass developed especially for this use. This unique composition uses the materials to create a synergetic effect, bringing forward the best characteristics of each material, resulting in a world-class product that is safer for stonemasons to work with when taking the necessary safety measures.

Our dedicated efforts are geared towards seamlessly transitioning our most beloved designs to crystalline silica-free alternatives by the end of the year. These endeavours involve continuous investments in research and development, resulting in cutting-edge technologies that leverage specific minerals and advanced materials. This not only upholds our product’s durability, strength, versatility, and aesthetics but also ensures that our offerings are free of crystalline silica, reinforcing our commitment to the safety and well-being of our workforce.

No. Developed by our pioneering expertise and advanced technology, creating a crystalline silica-free material that delivers high resistance, durability, aesthetics, and exceptional design versatility. Retaining the same properties of heat, stain and scratch resistance.

We have edited our current range of 48 designs back to a curated collection of 33 designs which is reflective of current and importantly future design directions. With many exciting new innovative designs planned for future introduction.

We are currently working through the transition on our range, with some colours having arrived, and continuing to do so in the months leading up to the end of the year. (availability in crystalline silica-free will vary by state, due to shipping times and stock levels).

You can be confident in your choice, backed by our lifetime warranty​

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