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The Pebbles Collection

The symbol of constant creation

A pebble is a symbol of constant creation. Shaped by the forces of water and wind, every pebble is a handful of nature. Our sustainable surfaces now feature four pebble-inspired colours that nurture a sense of comfort and calm, essential to our times, bringing blessings of sunlight and rain to the heart of your home.

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We craft sustainable benchtops.

Caesarstone® believes in the art of living together and that our Earth is to be shared by all. So, when it comes to sustainability, our products and practice innovation drives human responsibility toward the environment and society by creating a connection with nature from the heart of the home. Join us on our journey for a better future where people and the planet uphold one thriving environment. In our entire life cycle, Caesarstone® nurtures sustainability.

We do this for our raw materials.
We do this in our manufacturing and transportation.
We do this for our products’ use phase, recycling, and disposal.

Here’s how we take action in all three phases >