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Beach Haus: A Cloudburst Concrete Experience Like No Other

Studio Haus kitchen design featuring Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete

At Caesarstone, we’ve witnessed countless stunning residential transformations featuring our sustainable mineral and porcelain surfaces in inspiring global settings. Occasionally, a project stands out for its design excellence, material palette, or innovative treatment of our surfaces. Such is the case with Beach Haus, a personal endeavour undertaken by Studio Haus Co-founder Ky Drury and her husband Mick (from Broken Head Building). Their complete renovation of their home, nestled directly behind the sand dunes of Tallow Beach, showcases the remarkable versatility of Caesarstone Mineral Cloudburst Concrete™.

A Coastal Bushland Retreat

Beach Haus, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home, maintains its original exterior (with a fresh coat of paint). However, the interiors, thoughtfully redesigned by Studio Haus Co, have been reconfigured to maximize natural light. Strategically placed skylights flood the spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere. The colour palette draws inspiration from the native coastal surroundings, emphasizing texture, soft neutral tones, and materials like mid-tone timbers and mixed metals.

Cloudburst Concrete: The Art of Detail

Cloudburst Concrete™, a crystalline silica-free mineral surface with a rough finish, exudes elegance. Its patina resembles alabaster—a soft, creamy white base adorned with subtle swirls of pure white. In the kitchen, Cloudburst Concrete™ takes centre stage as the statement island and rear work surfaces. But there’s more: Ky and Mick wanted to enhance its texture further, aligning with the overall materiality of the kitchen space.

The Custom Edge Detail

Collaborating with local family business Stone Inspirations, Ky and Mick crafted a custom edge for Cloudburst Concrete™. They machine-scored the standard edge before hand-chiselling it, resulting in a rough, uneven surface with vertical striations. This unique edging detail has become their favourite feature in the entire home.

Ky Drury, Principal Designer and founder of Studio Haus with Billi Drury, Structural Designer & Co-Founder and Dakota Drury, responsible for Styling & Product Sourcing

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