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Caesarstone Porcelain Surfaces Shine on “Dream Home”


As we eagerly anticipate the premiere of “Dream Home”, Seven’s brand-new competition renovation series, we wanted to announce our own involvement in this exciting project, which promises to reveal exactly how to transform suburban family homes into astonishing dream spaces.

As partners of the show, which will air Sunday May 26 on Channel 7 and 7plus, we will be showcasing our beautiful, sustainable porcelain surfaces in a series of designs specifically designed for dream homes – from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry to living spaces and outdoor entertaining areas. 

Changing Lives, One Renovation at a Time

Dream Home promises to redefine the home renovation genre. Six pairs of everyday Aussies battle it out, transforming tired suburban family homes into breathtaking dream spaces. Teams will redesign and rebuild each other’s outdated and dilapidated homes, and the top three couples, after state-level renovations, will enjoy completely transformed backyards with stunning gardens and outdoor living spaces. And to make it even better, the winning couple won’t just get their Dream Home—they’ll also receive a cash prize of $100,000!

Meet the Judges

Dr. Chris Brown: The Charismatic Host

Dr. Chris Brown, our charming host, brings his passion for home transformations to the screen. He’ll guide viewers through the nail-biting room-by-room renovations with his warm demeanor and expertise. As the stakes soar, Dr. Chris reminds us that when it comes to our own homes, the sky truly is the limit.

Simon Cohen: The Property Guru

Simon Cohen, co-founder of Cohen Handler—Australia’s largest property buyer’s agency—lives and breathes real estate. His critical eye and deep knowledge of Australia’s best dream homes make him the perfect guide for competing teams. Simon ensures that every renovation plan elevates style and elegance to new heights.

Lana Taylor: The Dream Home Maven

Lana Taylor, co-owner of Three Birds Renovations, is a force to be reckoned with. Her real-life renovation and styling expertise, shared through popular DIY online courses worldwide, will steer the Dream Home teams. Lana’s top tip? Plan meticulously, create vision boards, and stick to the dream.

Rosie Morley: The Interior Design Visionary

Rosie Morley, an industry leader with over two decades of experience, bridges the gap between interior and exterior environments. As a principal at Hassell, she consults on multi-million-dollar projects. Rosie believes that designing a home is a true responsibility—an opportunity to elevate everyday life for homeowners.

As the show unfolds, keep an eye out for our Caesarstone® porcelain surfaces, adding sustainable beauty and high functionality to each space. From kitchens to outdoor living areas, Caesarstone® anchors the ‘Dream Home’ essence. Tune in Sunday May 26 at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7plus to witness the magic unfold!

Dream Home video