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With Caesarstone, you have the chance to design your dream but we understand making the right selections can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

So, we’ve teamed up with the colour experts at Wattyl® and polytec to curate the perfect pairings for your choice of Caesarstone.

Now you can make your design choices with complete confidence.

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Colour Schemes


Timeless whites instil elegance and style, from the purest, most intense white to ivory, silver, ecru and chalk. While veining can vary from significant and detailed to none at all. The choices for whites are virtually limitless, but the sleek, elegant result is always the same.


A curated balance of neutral, organic hues from warm oatmeal and sand to raw linen and earthy browns. The natural finishes and textures imbue a space with warmth and character, making a subtle statement while melding perfectly with other materials such as timber and stone.


Greys, in all their iterations, are timeless in their ability to instil a calm sense of style. From cool greys with the brutalist patina of rugged concrete to the quietest of pale, silvery shades and heavily patinated charcoals. Greys have an enduring ability to reinvent a space and transform a style.


Blacks create endless design opportunities with a rich, intense and versatile character. Textured or polished you can combine these colours with black cabinetry and flooring for an achromatic scheme or introduce contrast with white or grey cabinetry and flooring. Either way, the stone is always the hero, creating a visual focal point that demands attention.

Empira White

Taking a decade to perfect, Empira White, Caesarstone’s latest interpretation of authentic Calacatta marble, features the purest of white bases overlayed with distinctive dark veining. The result is an intense study of timeless elegance, with this freshest of whites particularly suited to south-facing spaces that may lack in natural light.

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Frosty Carrina

Crisp, clean, welcoming and highly functional – all are attributes of Caesarstone’s Frosty Carrina, a beautiful reinterpretation of classic marble featuring a soft, ivory white base overlaid with delicate, powdery grey veins.

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Georgian Bluffs

Near-whites and neutrals form one of the most enduring colour palettes of the modern Australian home, loved for their versatility and ability to meld with natural finishes such as timber, stone, rattan and leather as well as metallics, ceramics and glass.

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Airy Concrete

Airy Concrete, a favourite with architects and designers, achieves a magical mix of soft greys with a darker grey patina, along with the rough texture of concrete.

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Cloudburst Concrete

Concrete, once the domain of brutalist exterior architecture, has transitioned into a favourite finish for interiors. Loved for its textural patina and palette of soft greys it introduces an element of modernity and a visual focal point in an interior.

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Calacatta Nuvo

A beautiful and faithful interpretation of natural Calacatta marble, Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo features an elegant white base beneath a cascade of grey veins, creating a sense of movement and texture. This design exudes luxury and bespoke style – it will be the hero of any space while accommodating a plethora of styles and materials.

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Vanilla Noir

Bold beige and vanilla veining overlay the polished, ebony base of Caesarstone Vanilla Noir, creating an intense sense of drama and mood. Vanilla Noir is perfect for an entertainer's kitchen - with a large-scale island bench taking centre stage for your delicious food, friends to gather and convivial interactions.

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Turbine Grey

Inspired by luxurious, bold granite, Turbine Grey is both versatile and contemporary. Its swirling patina of grey and white veining creates an eye-catching sense of movement and texture.

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Primordia is a modern take on rough-poured, weathered concrete. The light grey base features soft mineral markings in off-whites and greys combined with veins of deeper grey and brown that reflect the oxidised rusts found in the natural environment. Traces of faint yellow and washed greens add to the textural quality and create a sense of movement within the quartz surface.

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White Attica

Inspired by New York marble, Caesarstone White Attica is the darling of benchtop designs. Its luxurious blue-black veining that flows across a brilliant white base is an inspiring choice – it will work with virtually anything.

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Caesarstone is Australia’s premier brand and global leader of quartz surfaces.
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