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Reading: Is Caesarstone engineered stone?

Is Caesarstone engineered stone?

Is Caesarstone engineered stone in Australia affected by the ban?

Caesarstone quartz is referred to as ‘engineered stone’ and is one of those products included in the product ban effective from July 1, 2024. Therefore, the product that has been a popular choice for Australian kitchen and bathroom surfaces for many years due to its durability and aesthetic appeal has been redeveloped without using the banned composite combination.

Our NEW Caesarstone mineral™ crystalline silica free product is an exciting part of our company’s evolution in surfaces. Its design and aesthetic appeal has not been compromised and is safe and poses no risk of harm to those who process the material. 34 of our same designs will be available in the new material blend and continue to carry our Lifetime Warranty.

Surface evolution

As part of our commitment to continuous innovation, we have replicated 34 of our most loved market-leading colours and designs to a new crystalline silica-free material blend which will retain the same ease of fabrication and functional performance characteristics as current materials.

In addition, Caesarstone® have introduce new designs into our Porcelain collection. Our Porcelain brings additional functional performance to kitchen benchtops as well as being UV resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Every Caesarstone® surface has a lifetime warranty, which is not impacted by these changes.

As we introduce our beautiful crystalline silica free mineral range to our Australian market there will be varying timeframes as we transition away from engineered stone. The latest transition timeline is available on our website to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Our commitment to innovation and safety

At Caesarstone, innovation has always been at the core of what we do. In response to the new regulations and along with our corporate responsibility, we are evolving our market-leading collection to introduce a new, crystalline silica-free formulation.

Set to launch in Australia in the first half of 2024, this new material is designed to offer the same ease of fabrication and functional performance characteristics as our traditional engineered stone benchtops did. Our goal being to ensure a seamless product range transition for all our customers in Australia.

Caesarstone is more than just engineered stone.

While many know us for our engineered stone benchtops, Caesarstone’s expertise extends far beyond this.

Our diverse range includes a broader selection of alternate products, such as our NEW Caesarstone Mineral™ Crystalline Silica Free collection as well as our Porcelain collection which reflects our commitment to offering a choice of beautifully designed multi surface choices for consumers that are a safer alternative for our fabricators.

How can we be confident that we are making the right choice with Caesarstone?

At Caesarstone, we understand the importance of making the right decisions. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with up-to-date information and high-quality products.

With over three decades of experience in crafting the most trusted benchtops, we combine natural design with class-leading durability to bring your dream to life, indoors, or outdoors. Caesarstone backs its reputation as a responsible supplier. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with Australian Standards using NATA accredited laboratories. Our products comply with all government regulations.

Caesarstone Mineral™ crystalline silica free surfaces are the perfect solution in place of engineered stone or quartz.

Exploring options for your next project, contact us, our representatives are always ready to help you.