New 2020
Dark Collection

Preview our upcoming Dark Collection by Caesarstone®. Dramatic, timeless designs for modern interiors and black kitchen designs.

The Collection


Take an exclusive look at our upcoming new 2020 Dark Collection by Caesarstone®, introducing three innovative new quartz surface

designs Empira Black™, Piatto Black™ and Black Tempal™, the ideal pairings for modern black interiors and kitchen designs.

Available May 2020.



Empira Black™ 5101EXPLORE



Black Tempal™ 5810EXPLORE



Piatto Black™ 3101EXPLORE

The Finishes


The extraordinary designs of Piatto Black™ and Black Tempal™ feature our latest ‘Natural’ finish, a slightly textured finish with a captivating satin sheen and unique sensory feel. Empira Black™ is available in our effortlessly elegant ‘Polished’ finish, high gloss and smooth to the touch.

Find out more about the finishes for each Caesarstone® design.


This slightly textured finish conjures up the emotional caress of stone, adding warmth to the grain so it conveys a uniquely sensorial touch. Its satin sheen gently reflects light, captivating the viewer and enhancing depth of colour, especially on darker shades.


Effortlessly elegant, this high gloss polish brings out the best in the colour by emphasising its features in high definition. Reflecting the shine of the times, it attracts light and illuminates kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, naturally making them look larger.

Crafted For You


Head of Product Design, Mor Krisher, reveals the authentic human craftsmanship behind our new handcrafted black quartz surface designs.

Find the Perfect Pairings

Create your contemporary black kitchen designs with confidence using our simple guide to paint and cabinetry pairings for the Caesarstone® Dark Collection.

Perfect Pairings are curated for you by the experts at Caesarstone®, Wattyl® and polytec.

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