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Reading: The Top 5 Kitchen Design Layouts

The Top 5 Kitchen Design Layouts

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To help you choose the best kitchen design layout for your home, we’re breaking down the top five to get you started.


Galley Kitchen Layouts

The galley kitchen is well-known for its layout of cabinets and appliances running in parallel along both sides of the kitchen.

With the move towards open-plan spaces, the galley kitchen layout remains ideal for small rectangular kitchen designs as well as Laundries and Butler’s Pantries; both considered functional extensions to open-plan kitchen designs.

To optimise the flow of this layout, both sides of the kitchen are usually between 1200 to 1800mm apart, providing ample space to move and open cupboards and appliances with ease. You’ll find this layout offers you greater flexibility when considering where to place your appliances.

Lighting is essential for smaller spaces. Adding feature lighting to overhead units or along kickboards lightens the area, making it feel enticing.

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U-Shape Kitchen Layouts

U-Shape kitchens offer plenty of workspace and storage. As the name suggests, the layout includes three walls and one area of entry.

For this layout to work, you’ll need to allow a gap of 1500mm between your surface areas so you can move around and use appliances easily, making it ideal for larger kitchen spaces.

Although a more traditional kitchen layout, taking the time to consider how you’ll use your kitchen space allows you to improve the flow and design. Using innovative storage solutions will help you get the most from your corner cabinets.

If space allows, consider adding an island bench to create more workspace and a social setting for family meals.

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L-shape Kitchen Layouts

The L-Shape kitchen is a versatile and practical kitchen layout. Ideal for small to medium size spaces and open-plan kitchen designs.

Identified by its L-Shape, the layout runs along two walls with minimum dimensions being 3500mm x 900mm. The main features such as the pantry cupboards, fridge and ovens, tend to run along one long wall with the shorter return wall providing extra workspace and a sink or cooktop.

Common in modern homes and renovations, designers can add an island bench to the L-Shape kitchen where space permits, making it an ideal layout for families that like to entertain.

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Peninsula Kitchen Layouts

The Peninsula kitchen layout is perfect for smaller open-plan homes and apartments or where you’d like to create a definitive space between the kitchen and living areas of your home.

Characterised by its single entry, the Peninsula layout combines a back wall and island bench which is attached to a return. The design creates a modern feel, offering the opportunity to open up older galley-style kitchens.

For this layout to work, you’ll need a minimum gap of at least 1200mm between your back benchtop and Island. If you’re renovating with an existing L-Shape design, the Peninsula layout can be a great alternative.

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Design: Kitchens by Kathy

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Design: Ashley Jay Kitchens

Island Kitchen Layouts

The Island kitchen design layout is hugely popular among homeowners that like to entertain, renovators and new home builders.

Generally defined by one back wall and an island bench offering dual access to the kitchen.

The ideal minimum length for an island bench is 3200mm with a back wall of at least 5.2 metres. When considering the dimensions, allow room for seating and any appliances you’d like to add such as cooktops, cabinetry, drawers and sinks.

Entertainers enjoy this kitchen style because it allows you to interact with guests while cooking, and depending on the length and design of your island bench, add ample seating.

Our top five 5 tips for optimising your kitchen island design blog offers you great ideas to consider when designing your island.

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