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Reading: A New World of Surfaces for Tomorrow's Kitchen
3 min read

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of premium, sustainable surfaces, predicting the future in terms of design, lifestyle and environmental responsibility is ingrained in the Caesarstone® DNA.

Caesarstone® Quartz Rugged Concrete™

No one can be entirely accurate in this, but by equipping ourselves with the most educated and talented design crew and collaborating with some of the world’s leading independent experts in design and lifestyle trends, we aim to be the best we can!

For this reason, we have worked with Lidewij Edelkoort, world-renowned trend forecaster, curator and publisher, for more than a decade. Side by side with our product design department, Li helps focus our understanding of how the present will impact the future, examining both residential and commercial design and sharing her insights into every aspect of interior design.


Trend forecasting is important for both architects and designers in enabling them to ‘future-proof’ their designs in relation to how we will live and the outside influences that could affect design choices.

Caesarstone® Porcelain Locura™ and Caesarstone® Porcelain Mirabel™

In a recent filmed discussion with Caesarstone®, Li talked about the revolution in kitchens over the past few decades, whereby the small, purely utilitarian food preparation room has been transformed into a large, lavish space at the very heart of the home. And while she doesn’t expect the kitchen to continue to grow in size, she does comment on how the kitchen will evolve into a space that blurs the boundaries between comfort and functionality, indoors and outdoors, and more.

Collaborating with Li, and having the benefit of her exceptional insights, has reinforced our belief in the relevance of our surfaces and the importance of being at the very forefront of new designs, new technology and the huge role we have to play in protecting our planet.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many more people are working from home, either part time or full time. This trend has had a direct effect on the role the kitchen plays within the home, with Li commenting the kitchen has become ‘a canteen’ for the workspace, instead of the workspace itself. She goes on to say, this transition has created more space for the kitchen’s original cooking and hosting role, making room for ‘cosy’ fantasies such as the inclusion of a couch or lounge chairs.


Another trend Li forecast is the rise of the outdoor kitchen, from basic bbq to fully functional cooking and entertaining area. And it is Li’s skill in predicting these changes in our lifestyle that makes her contribution to Caesarstone®’s ever-evolving collection of sustainable surfaces so valuable.

Caesarstone® Porcelain, for example, launched in 2022, combines beauty and functionality in a diverse range of surface designs that offer resistance to UV, stains and heat – the perfect medium to create sophisticated outdoor areas with long-lasting endurance.

501 501 Snowdrift
Caesarstone® Porcelain Snowdrift™
Caesarstone® Porcelain Locura™