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Caesarstone® Pebbles - Shape By Nature


In celebration of the launch of the Pebbles surfaces collection, Caesarstone® collaborated with renowned interior designer, Anna.Carin McNamara, to create a range of furniture pieces to illustrate the diversity and serenity of these beautiful sustainable surfaces.

Traditionally, Caesarstone® products have been used predominantly as benchtops in kitchens and bathrooms, but the Pebbles collection highlights the versatility of these earthy, nature-hued, low-silica surfaces. To illustrate this, Anna.Carin featured each of the four Pebbles surfaces – Riverlet™, Wyndigo™, Raindream™ and Agger Grey™ – in a collection of three distinctly different tables.

The Augustus dining table (left below) features a sweeping 1370mm circular top, with Bullnose profile, in the honed finish of Wyndigo™, with a pedestal in a combination of Wyndigo™ and Agger Grey™ (the latter in a polished finish).

The low-slung Antonia Magna coffee table (right below), with its strong lines and split top – all with an Aris profile – makes a dramatic statement in the polished, deep slate grey of Pebbles Raindream™.

Antonia Magna

And finally, the Cornelia side table (left), again in a combination of honed surfaces, features a rectangular top, with Aris edge, in Riverlet™, atop rectilinear legs in a combination of Riverlet™ and Wyndigo™.

In working with the Pebbles collection, Anna.Carin commented on the creative flexibility of the collection – “Pebbles adapts like a chameleon to any palette, providing a calming, versatile foundation to our designs. It is a welcome addition to our library of materials and fits our signature pared-back, elegant interiors perfectly,” she said.

Caesarstone® Pebbles surfaces are far more than a sustainable, visually appealing surface – they are also easy to clean and never require sealing. Each surface carries a lifetime warranty, giving the ultimate in peace-of-mind to the consumer.

Anna.Carin Design Studio

Find out more about Caesarstone® Sustainability commitments here: