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Here at Three Birds Renovations we revealed our biggest, and you might say best renovation yet. We believe that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends congregate and where memories are made. Given the sheer size of this kitchen, it was never going to be mediocre! And because of the large scale it was more important than ever to get all the details just perfect.

Three Birds Renovations

1. Find your inspiration.

The inspiration for this kitchen actually came from Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen. Yes, the one and only. If you’ve ever seen it, you can’t miss the gorgeous stone bench with the stone ‘apron’ around the sides. We wanted to replicate this stunning idea in this kitchen and knew we could use Caesarstone® Statuario Maximus™ to recreate the perfect look.

2. View the stone, not just the sample.

Caesarstone® showroom is the perfect place to select the stone for your kitchen. The whole range is on display, and the wall-hung, floor-to-ceiling slabs let you see the full effect of the variations in the stone. This makes it much easier to visualise the end result than with small sample sizes.

The team at Caesarstone® were very helpful in bringing the vision to life. Because the cabinetry and walls were going to all be Dulux White on White, we agreed that Statuario Maximus™ was the perfect stone to complement this. And to achieve Gwynnie’s bench top goals.

3. Consistency for big impact.

The show’s star in this kitchen has to be the use of Caesarstone® Statuario Maximus™. Broad warm grey veins sweep across a soft white base, further enriched by seamlessly joining along the top surface and then there’s a 300mm apron edge at either end to make that visual impact we were after.

The cooktop in this kitchen is on the back wall and surrounded by Statuario Maximus™. We continued the stone up the wall instead of a traditional tile splashback. We love Caesarstone® splashbacks in our kitchens because they look so luxurious and don’t need grout, unlike tiles, making them easy to clean.

This mammoth kitchen also includes a servery and a butler’s pantry (which is almost big as another kitchen in itself!). For continuity, we carried the Statuario Maximus™ stone across the benchtops in these areas.

4. Don’t interrupt your flow.

Carerra by Design created gorgeous white v-groove cabinetry, including the chunky pop-out frame around the cooktop. We love integrating appliances wherever possible, so when it came to creating our best kitchen, they even managed to hide the oven behind retractable bi-fold doors.  Integrated appliances give the kitchen a seamless, clean look and don’t interrupt the panelled cabinetry.

In the main kitchen, discreet white hardware and white tapware were chosen to keep the minimalist white theme. The Butler’s pantry leant itself to something special and different. We chose brass pulls for cabinetry hardware and had the tap custom-plated in brass.

The Caesarstone® Statuario Maximus™ and the gorgeous white cabinetry are truly a match made in heaven!

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