Everyday Cleaning

Caesarstone® surfaces require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new. For everyday, routine cleaning of Caesarstone® we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a clean damp cloth, or use our convenient Caesarstone® Cleaning Wipes or Caesarstone® Spray Cleaner.



Do not use the cloth you use to wash the dishes, as it may transfer oils and other contaminants to the Caesarstone® surface.

As Caesarstone® is virtually non-porous, it will keep its lustrous gloss and ultra smooth surface which never needs polishing or sealing. Never attempt to polish the surface and avoid prolonged rubbing in one spot when cleaning.

To give your Caesarstone® surface a thorough clean or for removal of extra stubborn marks or spills, we recommend using Caesarstone® Cream Cleanser and a 3M™ Scotchbrite™ Non- Scratch Foam Scrub which can be used without damaging the stone. We suggest using this cleaning process regularly depending on the amount of traffic, use and surface application.

For further detailed information visit our support page and view the Caesartone Care & Maintenance Guide.

Caesarstone's cleaning product range can be purchased from our online store.

Always refrain from placing excessive weight on your Caesarstone® bench top. Excessive weight can also have an impact on the underlying cabinet structure.
Caesarstone® surfaces come factory polished to a high lustre, with the exception of our special Concrete finish. Due to Caesarstone’s high density and non-porous qualities, normal cleaning with a damp cloth will keep your Caesarstone® surface looking like the first day it was installed. To avoid dulling the surface's shine, make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner such as Caesarstone® branded cream cleanser available to purchase from Shop Online or for further detailed information on cleaning please refer to the Caesarstone® Care & Maintenance Guidelines.
Caesarstone® is resistant to all kinds of cracks, chips, scratches and stains. However, like most materials, excessive force, high point loads, pressure or heat may cause damage to the surface. Like all surface materials Caesarstone® should be treated with care. Refer to our infographic to learn more about the properties of Caesarstone quartz surfaces.
Caesarstone® is composed of up to 93% natural quartz, providing it with superior hardness and strength. We always recommend using a cutting board to prevent damage to the surface, or dulling the knives.

Caesarstone® is heat resistant, however like all stone materials; Caesarstone® can be damaged by sudden and rapid surface temperature changes. A good rule of thumb is that if your hand cannot tolerate the level of heat for more than a few seconds then the heat source is too high. DO NOT PUT HOT COOKWARE DIRECTLY ON THE CAESARSTONE SURFACE. Therefore we always recommend placing hot pots, oven trays and fry pans directly from the oven or hot plate onto a wooden chopping board or heat trivet. We also recommend that electric fry pans and slow cookers are also used on a wooden chopping board.

No. Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are virtually non-porous, and you will never have to use a sealer or any other kind of wax.

The Caesarstone® Concrete Finish designs are just as stain and scratch resistant as our polished surfaces, never require sealing and are simple to clean. 

However the Concrete matte finish doesn't disguise marks as well as the polished designs, meaning more regular cleaning maybe required using the Caesarstone surface cleaning wipes or Caesarstone Spray Cleaner for daily use and Caesarstone Cream Cleanser and 3M non-scratch foam scrubber to provide a thorough all over surface clean as per the instructions in Caesarstone’s Care & Maintenance guide.  Most importantly, thoroughly rinsing off the Cream Cleanser off after cleaning.

It is extremely important that a Caesarstone Concrete colour benchtop is only ever wiped down using a clean cloth solely for that purpose. Don’t use a cloth used to wash dishes as it may impart oils and other contaminants to the concrete finish surface.

Caesarstone's cleaning product range can be purchased from our online store.

As with any surface, Caesarstone® can be permanently damaged by exposure to strong chemicals and solvents that undermine its physical properties.

DO NOT use products that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride, such as paint removers or stripper. Avoid all contact with highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven cleaners that have high alkaline/pH levels and/or contain a pH level outside of pH 5-11.

Products containing oils or powders may leave a residue and should be rinsed off thoroughly. Should the surface be accidentally exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

We have showrooms located in each state with large floor to ceiling panels of the entire colour range. Our displays allow you to bring in samples of cabinetry, tiles and other materials and make accurate colour and design matches so that you are confident you are achieving the look you want.  Click here for showroom locations and operating hours.
Caesarstone® should only be fabricated by a professional stonemason who is experienced in working with our product and is familiar with the Caesarstone® fabrication process to ensure that the 10 Year Limited Warranty is not voided.

Many edge profiles are possible, from the most popular single thickness 20 or 30mm slabs, through to laminated double thickness edge and mitred apron options, which can be fabricated by a stonemason using exclusive Caesarstone® colour matched glues.

Our minimum suggested edge detail is a 3-4mm radius on any profile. A better option is a 6mm radius. The larger the radius the more resistant it will be to accidental impacts from heavy objects.

Sharp non- radiused edge profiles should never be used.

Caesarstone® is heat resistant, however like all stone materials; Caesarstone® can be damaged by sudden and rapid surface temperature changes.  

For use in fireplace applications Caesarstone needs to be treated more like a decorative feature and should never be used in the firebox or hearth of the fireplace, you should always consult with the manufacturer of the fireplace to ensure that the maximum heat does not exceed Caesarstone’s recommendations.

Caesarstone® can be used for flooring, however this type of application is not covered by the Caesarstone® 10 year Limited Warranty.

Yes. Caesarstone® can be used as a splashback behind a cooktop when designed and installed in compliance with the appropriate Australian & New Zealand standards with regard to clearances. For detailed information please refer to a copy of the Caesarstone® Kitchen Splashbacks Technical and Design Guidelines.
Yes. Caesarstone® is ideal for kitchen splashbacks offering continuity of bench top colour. It is a perfect solution for preparation and wet zones.
Yes. Virtually non–porous, waterproof and mould and mildew resistance makes Caesarstone® ideal for bathroom applications. Large slabs provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, minimizing joins and therefore maintenance. Caesarstone® also carries a range of 13mm thickness slabs which are ideal for bathroom wall paneling, shower recesses and more. See our Bathroom Applications page for more information on using Caesarstone® in the bathroom.
Yes. Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are virtually non-porous and are perfectly suited for kitchen areas, or wherever food is prepared, as they greatly reduce the potential for bacterial growth. Caesarstone® surfaces are free of mold and bacteria. Endorsed by the Public Health and Safety Company (NSF) in accordance with international NSF 51 sanitary standards, Caesarstone® surfaces are industry approved for installation in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more.
We do not recommend the use of Caesarstone® products externally. Whilst some customers have opted to install Caesarstone® in outdoor applications, external applications are not covered by our 10 Year Limited Warranty. Caesarstone® has not been approved for prolonged UV ray exposure settings.

No, Caesarstone® is strictly a wholesaler and is not involved in fabrication or installation of the product in any way.

Whilst Caesarstone® surfaces are suitable to use with an induction cooktop, it is important to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for correct installation of your induction cooktop in regards to ventilation near or around the perimeter of the cooktop
to provide airflow to fans within the cooktop unit.

When using Caesarstone® around a BBQ area it is crucial to ensure the surface is not exposed to excessive heat or flame. If used in an outdoor environment, the Caesarstone® 10 Year Limited Warranty is not applicable.

A Caesarstone benchtop should be installed on kitchen cabinets with sturdy legs or plinth support, which when they are all fixed together must be all of the same level (not twisted), flat and firmly installed to ensure there is no movement once the Caesarstone benchtop is installed.

It is very important that all cabinets are constructed to fully support the weight of the Caesarstone benchtop, and for this reason it is essential that the cabinets have full perimeter rail support which must not bend or sag under the weight of the Caesarstone benchtop regardless of cabinet width.

When fitting cooktops or sinks which will sit within cutouts in a Caesarstone benchtop, the strength and stiffness integrity of the perimeter rails must not be compromised.

Caesarstone has collaborated with Polytec - Australia's leading manufacturer of kitchen cupboard doors - to create the Caesarstone Colour Inspirations Guide which offers kitchen cupboard door colour suggestions for every design in the Caesarstone Classico range.

Click here to download the Caesarstone Colour Inspirations Guide

We always recommend support or brackets for any overhang that is greater than 300mm with a 20mm thick slab and legs, columns or panels for any overhang greater than 500mm. These recommendations are made on what would be considered normal use of a kitchen benchtop and likely weight loading.

With additional engineering and weight bearing support taking the full weight of the Caesarstone surfaces, anything is possible and should be discussed with your designer.

See table below for further guidance -


Caesarstone® can be easily repaired. Please contact your local Caesarstone® office on 1300 119 119 for a referral to your nearest recommended service provider.

Cracking is generally not covered under the Caesarstone® 10 Year Limited Warranty as it typically occurs due to a fabrication or installation error, or as the result of mechanical stress and does not represent a fault in the Caesarstone® product itself.

If a crack does occur, please refer it to the kitchen company or stonemason who installed your bench top as they will be able to provide further assistance.

External factors which can contribute to cracking include:

  • Inadequate underbench support
  • Incorrect placement of cutouts and joins
  • Lack of consideration for thermal expansion, thermal shock or excessive heat
  • A severe impact

While Caesarstone® is a very robust surface to begin with - stronger than both marble and granite in fact - there are simple measures you can take to ensure chipping doesn't occur.

  • Sharp non-radiused edge profiles should never be used. Caesarstone® recommends a minimum radius of at least 3-4mm on any edge profile. The larger the radius, the more resistant the edge will have to impact.
  • If the benchtop incorporates an undermount sink then the top edge of Caesarstone sink cut out must be a minimum radius of 6mm to minimise risk of chipping should a heavy pot hit this edge.
  • Ensure cupboards and drawers are installed correctly and don't make contact with the Caesarstone® surface when opening and closing.
  • Take care to not drop heavy items onto a Caesarstone benchtop.

In the unlikely event that you damage your Caesarstone® please take note of the batch numbers of authenticity located on the underside of your material and contact us on 1300 119 119 to schedule a service call or contact us online.

Depending on the damage one of our experienced technical representatives will be able to advise you of your options and possible solutions.

Yes, Concetto is Caesarstone’s exclusive luxury premium surface product made from individually cut semi precious stones and each slab is unique with it’s own intrinsic patterns and shading. Individual viewings are by appointment only or alternatively you can contact your nearest Caesarstone® office on 1300 119 119 to locate your nearest location to view larger pieces.
Yes Caesarstone® Australia warrants the product to be free of defects for a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture. The stonemason will be responsible for all fabrication and installation.
All Caesarstone® slabs are branded on the underside of each slab, the 4 digit number denotes the colour code. Please refer to our Colour Range for reference.
Caesarstone® is available worldwide through a large international network and can be purchased through your local kitchen retailer, cabinet maker or stonemason. Click here to locate a showroom near you.
Yes Caesarstone® Australia warrants the product to be free of defects for a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture. Your stonemason will be responsible for all fabrication and installation workmanship.
No, Caesarstone is strictly a wholesaler and does not sell directly to the public. To locate a kitchen company nearest you, simply use our convenient Find A Display tool.

To ensure the authenticity of your Caesarstone® surfaces, simply access the underside of your bench top and look for the genuine Caesarstone® batch branding.

When buying Caesarstone®, it is important to ask for the product by name and not accept any substitutes.

Each Caesarstone® collection - Classico, Motivo and Concetto - does vary in price. 

Classico is our most afforadable collection, but is divided into five distinct price categories - Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Supernatural and Supernatural Ultra.

As Caesarstone® is strictly a wholesaler, we unfortunately do not provide pricing or quotes, but would be happy to assist by putting you in contact with your local kitchen company or stonemason to obtain a formal quote. 

Simply fill in and submit our online form to complete your Caesarstone warranty registration. Once complete we will send you a complimentary Caesarstone Cleaning Kit.

Caesarstone's Supernatural designs offer the look and feel of natural marble but with all the scratch and stain resistant properties of quartz.

Natural quartz materials have a rating of 7 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness (with diamond being a 10) compared to natural marble carrying a rating of 3-4. This makes Caesarstone's Supernatural quartz surfaces a more robust material better suited to benchtop applications.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are also virtually non-porous and never require sealing unlike natural marble.

For more information, refer to our Infographic on the Facts About Quartz.

As Caesarstone® is strictly a wholesaler we cannot provide a quote for your project. We highly recommend contacting your nearest kitchen retailer or stonemason instead to obtain a formal quote. To locate a kitchen company nearest you, simply use our convenient Find a Display tool.