Caesarstone® Health & Safety


As the world’s leading global quartz surface developer and manufacturer, we at Caesarstone view the existence of a safe working environment for all employees, free of hazards and in compliance with all local laws, alongside the safety of all installed products, with foremost importance.


In summary, they key points are:

  • We can assure you that Caesarstone surfaces installed in the home are absolutely not harmful to the consumer. They are completely safe.

  • The health risk lies in the processing procedure, if performed not in accordance with safe legal requirements, and not in the surfaces themselves.

  • Exposure to crystalline silica dust and the related risks that may result from such exposure can be reduced and controlled if the proper safety measures are implemented.

  • In the ten years since Caesarstone Australia began operations in Australia, we have provided the independent stonemason industry information about the safety measures required to be implemented when working in a silica dust environment.

  • Caesarstone will continue to actively promote and educate safe handling of our products by stonemasons. The health and safety of workers in the industry is paramount.

  • Caesarstone is a founding member of the NSW Government Taskforce as well as a member of the Queensland Government Code of Practice working groups to review and improve the industry’s safety standards and regulations.

  • State Governments have expressed a desire to develop a code of practice for industry and regulations that explicitly prohibit uncontrolled dry cutting of engineered stone and we are actively involved in providing input on these proposals. We welcome these initiatives and note that Caesarstone’s own recommended safety standards have long urged stonemasons to use wet-cutting and proper respiratory protection.


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Safework NSW has also produced a video that discusses how to work safely with crystalline silica: