“I didn’t know about any products until we got onto House Rules, but after working closely with the suppliers I got to learn about these things. My dream was to work with Caesarstone to produce what I want to produce, and that's what we got to do at this house. We have Caesarstone everywhere! We put it in the kitchen, the laundry and then the master bedroom, where it’s in the wardrobe, used on a bench. It is just beautiful to use it again, and everyone loves it. It's timeless isn't it?"

See Aaron & Daniella's Moola Court Flip on the Caesarstone Blog

Instagram: @kurtfearnleyinsta

“I saw Caesarstone Rugged Concrete and knew immediately that I wanted it to be my future kitchen. It is a perfect fit for our lifestyle and it just looks amazing!

See Kurt's Kitchen Renovation on the Caesarstone Blog

Instagram: @interiorsaddict
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“I always knew I wanted Caesarstone in my own dream kitchen; the first one I have ever renovated. When I finally settled on Noble Grey I couldn't resist using it on the splashbacks as well as the bench! I love the subtle marble look and the contrast of the soft grey with my white cabinetry.

Cliche as it sounds, it really is the icing on the cake of my new space. I love the timeless and quality look of the product and know it will still look great in years to come. I love the sleek, modern look of the 20mm thickness. Everyone who sees the kitchen comments on the stone first!

Instagram: @thedesignory
Facebook: @TheDesignoryAU

“Caesarstone has long been our go to in the Design Studio for beautiful and durable surfaces in both client projects and our own property developments. They’ve always had a strong selection of products with just the right tones for our projects, but the introduction of their Supernaturals Range changed everything for us! The stunning selection of natural stone look products along with the new more tactile concrete options mean we have all bases covered for our designs and schemes.

Instagram: @carlyleightonrr
Facebook: @CarlyLeightonRR

“With such a gorgeous range from Caesarstone it was my 'one stop shop'. I knew I was after a concrete look stone with variations. The two concrete look stone choices that I thought I would choose looked great but of course Caesarstone had something new for me on my arrival.

Georgian Bluffs, a new stone that had the right toning’s, a mix of concrete and marble. Absolutely stunning that has really given a lux feel to our urban style kitchen.

A kitchen with dark colour cabinets, stainless steel mesh and a concrete / marble look choice from Caesarstone, we needed to add warmth to the overall look of the kitchen - which is the 3 wooden black butt shelves which just add that perfect touch, my fav part of the kitchen….oh after the stone of course!!!”

Website: www.sundaycollector.com.au

Designed by - @sunday_collector

Photography - @jacqui_turk 

Kitchens by Freedom Kitchens

“I fell in love with Caesarstone Noble Grey as soon as I saw the big slab in real life last year and it’s proved to be the perfect balance of soft grey with a subtle marble vein to match the cabinets in my recently renovated kitchen .  As cliche as it sounds, it has definitely added the ‘wow’ factor to the space, and in a sleek 20mm thickness I think it’s just lovely. I’ve long been a fan of the Caesarstone range, which is getting better all the time. I’m always speccing it in my clients kitchens, and this is the second time I’ve personally renovated with it. Caesarstone is a durable but beautiful surface which avoids the hassle of a more sensitive/porous natural stone.
“When designing the kitchen and laundry for our latest renovation project The Pavillion in Kew, we wanted to combine marble on the island bench with the classic beauty and practicality of Caesarstone Snow on the back bench and in the laundry. We were very aware that while marble looks good, it comes with many care and maintenance issues and so we wanted to make sure that the most used spaces in the kitchen and laundry were durable, low maintenance and still beautiful - we couldn't go past Caesarstone Snow to tick all of those boxes.”
“The previous houses I have lived in featured timber, stainless steel or laminate bench tops so when I finally got the chance to design my own home I knew exactly what I wanted for my hard wearing surfaces.... Caesarstone! I actually had the stunning Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo picked out before I chose the colour or finishes of my kitchen and loved it so much I also continued it up the walls as our splash back. Our bench tops not only look stunning, but are incredibly family friendly, durable and low maintenance which ticks all the boxes for me!”
“When planning our Kitchen we knew our design was going to be Industrial not just in the Kitchen but throughout the home. With Kingi carrying out his signature rendering to the Island bench we knew we had to have Caesarstone for the remaining bench tops to bring some light and warmth to the kitchen. With having such raw material as the render, we decided to go with the Statuario Maximus colour as both materials really complement each other and bring out the beautiful vain that the Statuario Maximus has. We loved this stone so much we used it in our Master Ensuite, Laundry and Bar area! All our guest just love to touch it and always complement us on its stunning colour. We chose Caesarstone not only for their quality but for their customer service, they are the trusted brand when it comes to stone benches and their products are the best on the market.”
“Everyone knows that kitchens sell houses so for our fifth reno project we created a statement sage-coloured kitchen that was the hero of the home. We needed the bench tops to complement the green cabinetry and add value to the house. Caesarstone was the natural choice based on their gorgeous colour range and market leading reputation. We installed Statuario Nuvo with luxurious extra thick 60mm benchtops which continued up the splashback and onto a floating shelf, giving the kitchen a seamless finish. We also used Caesarstone for our custom bathroom vanities to create a super luxe feel. In those spaces we chose the new colour, Statuario Maximus, which matched perfectly with our marble-look feature tiles.”
“We knew we wanted the marble look... We would have loved to have used real marble, but the maintenance & care was a huge issue for us. With Caesarstone surfaces, we loved that we could get the same look as marble, without the maintenance and the obvious expensive pricetag for natural marble. So that's a Win, win! Caesarstone is so easy to clean & has the best colour range in 'marble-look' stone surfaces.”

Kitchen Design by Michael Simpson from The Kitchen Design Centre

“In my most recent kitchen renovation project, I was looking to make a statement. This was achieved by using Caesarstone’s new Statuario Maximus on the island as a feature and the more subtle colour of Caesarstone Snow on the back bench. I’ve used Caesarstone in all of my projects and am super happy with the final results.”
“My kitchen gets a good workout every day, probably more than most. We're constantly filming, recipe testing, photo shooting, as well as cooking three meals a day for my family. My kitchen work surfaces are the most used in the house and it's just not possible to compromise on looks or practicality. Caesarstone is the only choice for me.”
“We have a large extended family and quite often our dinners are catering for more than 25 people. We had Caesarstone in our last kitchen for more than 7 years and they performed wonderfully well over this time so it made perfect sense to use Caesarstone again when renovating this kitchen. We chose Bianco Drift and couldn’t be happier with the end result.”
“When designing Teigan & Alex McKinnon’s kitchen, the island bench was to be the focal point of the large entertaining area. We wanted to ensure the bench top was a beautiful statement, yet also ensure a practical surface - hence Caesarstone was the perfect choice. The Calacatta Nuvo looks amazing and everyone could not be happier with the finished result.”
“It was essential when designing our kitchen display that we selected a stylish, timeless, functional and highly durable product to be matched with the Clark kitchen sink. Caeserstone Georgian Bluffs 6134 was the perfect choice for the bench top as its contemporary colours worked beautifully with our Clark stainless steel sink complementing both products.”
“Glenn and I are very passionate about design, we particularly love modern design and creating fresh looks in our homes we build. We've used Caesarstone throughout our previous projects and cannot fault the product. We absolutely love the look, finish and quality and when it comes to designing new builds Caesarstone is always top of mind. Caesaestone has an on-point range suitable for a wide array of design styles and trying to find "the one" proves difficult given the vast range available. Our current project rings true to this as 8 or 9 of the options would make any one of our spaces shine.”
“When designing our kitchen we wanted it to have plenty of wow factor, but also be practical for family life, so Caesarstone was the obvious choice. The beautiful marble inspired look of Statuario Nuvo was exactly what we were after for our Hamptons style kitchen and bathrooms and we’ve had so many comments on how stunning it looks. It also stands up to everything our kids throw at it, so for us it’s a winner on both counts!”
“When designing the interiors for the living area in Alisa and Lysandra to the Rescue, we knew that we wanted to incorporate a floating bench to create a seamless transition from lounge area to dining. We could not be happier with the finished product which was Caesarstone's Frosty Carrina Quartz, and have had so many comments on the aesthetic appeal as well as the quality and durability. It just goes to show that versatility is the key, and that Caesarstone is highly adaptable and not just for the kitchen and bathroom.”
“When planning the One Management Studio Kitchen it was essential that we selected all high quality and durable products. Caesarstone was the perfect choice for the studio benchtops. Their products are luxurious and stylish, functional, timeless and photograph beautifully.  Caesarstone ticked all the boxes!”
“Always believing in quality, Caesarstone was my first choice to complete my kitchen. I love the timeless finish of the material and all of its beautiful detail. I'm so happy with my benchtops in Caesarstone, that I added the same material to my spashback too, which makes my kitchen feel calm and seamless.”
Bing Boy use Caesarstone Ginger in their 34 stores across Australia.

"We love the way it looks and performs!"
"When we were doing our initial planning into the conversion, the one thing we agreed on immediately was that were going to use Caesarstone's London Grey in our kitchen space."
"I love my Caesarstone bench. We carefully designed our kitchen to suit our family and the way we use this space. We wanted the kitchen to be the central hub of the home, a place where people congregate, sit at the bench, chat and are involved in watching the cooking process or just smelling the aromas coming from the kitchen. Caesarstone was the perfect choice for a surface that was both practical, durable and had the design features we were looking for."
"Caesarstone is perfect for my kitchen. It is functional and hard wearing, without any compromise on style and elegance."
"We did the comparison of the Caesarstone product ranges versus other materials including natural stone, but very quickly realized that Caesarstone was the smart choice.

Caesartone London Grey from the Supernatural range ticked all the boxes. We could not be happier with the finished bench top surface."
"I guess with any renovation there's always areas where you know it's wise to invest in quality and others where you can compromise. I feel we approached the whole kitchen as something to really invest in so we didn't really skimp on anything.

We definitely wanted to include Caesarstone benchtops as they are such a quality brand. While there are some cheaper alternatives around, we wanted to go with the trusted name."
"When it came to choosing a benchtop, I realised how many features I wanted them to have. They had to look luxurious and stylish, but also be super functional.

Given my strict wish list for my benchtops I chose Caesarstone – it was an absolute no-brainer. I actually cringe a little when I hear myself rabbiting on to anyone who will listen about my benchtops – I’m a borderline Caesarstone groupie now."
"Sekisui House chooses to use and recommend Caesarstone® because not only is it a stylish and contemporary product with a wide choice of colours, but it is also highly durable and requires minimal maintenance so we know our customers will be satisfied with it now and in the future."
"When embarking on my new kitchen I knew that this time around bench space was a priority. They needed to be hard wearing and practical and I was looking for a light colour to make the whole area lighter and brighter. Caesarstone had just released their new Supremo collection and once I saw the colour Swan Lake I knew I had to have it. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome."
"When I was building my dream kitchen I knew I wanted bench tops which were stunning but still functional. I chose Caesarstone® because it’s tough enough for all the cooking I do and its really beautiful as well."
"As a professional in the industry I am very well informed about the materials that are available and keep up to date with all of the latest trends. The Caesarstone® range is a trusted favourite of mine used extensively throughout my designs in homes and commercial applications. The quality and variety of stone to select from is fantastic. I have always found the range to be timeless and adaptable to many different design styles."
"It was important for me when renovating my bathroom to get it just right. I knew the look I wanted to achieve, contemporary luxury, it had to be practical but it had to look gorgeous. I've always loved the look and feel of Caesarstone® and from the outset I envisaged it cut around the bath and built-in vanity. It's the most perfect surface for me in a busy room that sees a lot of make-up, different creams and the odd oil bath. It's easy to live with and looks a million bucks!"
"At Edgebuild we believe a surface must have functionality and style while still being value for money. Caesarstone® allows us to achieve all this without compromise.

Our clients are lifestyle driven and Caesarstone® meets these needs and more. It allows a ‘No Worries’ approach to the kitchen with its tough, durable, heat resistant surface. Caesarstone® is a fantastic product which can be used on many surfaces in the home."
"When aiming for sleek, contemporary lines, we love the benefits of CaesarStone. There’s no going past CaesarStone’s great reputation for quality, plus it has a fabulous colour palette, and its easy maintenance is a big plus for our clients. Time after time, it’s our choice for a professional finish with WOW factor."
"Caesarstone® is committed to producing a quality product, maintaining a relationship with architects & designers and have genuine concern that the end user is satisfied. The product is low maintenance, practical, has endless applications and a desirable colour range.
As a company they have adopted an environmental policy and developed a management system to reduce the ecological impact of their operation. This is a company whose philosophy is aligned with ours, Caesarstone® will continue to be one of our preferred suppliers."
"We avoid tiles where ever we can. Maintenance and grout cleaning are always an issue. Tiles flag the sense that the wet area has begun. We like to blur the boundary between spaces, overlap bathrooms with habitable spaces and have the shower area dissolve into the overall space. You can leave the bathroom door wide open, walk down the hall and not feel you are looking into a bathroom. The view to the seamless clean white interior beyond always looks fresh. Caesar Stone helps us realize the look we want."