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Stunning Kitchens featuring Caesarstone Porcelain™ Aluminous and Fume Unveiled in Dream Home


During the inaugural week of Dream Home, the six talented contestant couples embarked on the transformation of Brad and Mel’s 1920s Edwardian residence in Northcote, as well as Elle’s traditional 1960s abode in Watsonia. The captivating results shared on this Sunday’s reveal left us speechless! Both kitchen spaces featured the exquisite Aluminous™ and Fume™ designs from Caesarstone’s Porcelain™ Surface collection, gracing the kitchen and island benchtops with breathtaking elegance.

Watsonia Kitchen: Embracing the Art Of Curves

Tradie brothers Rhys and Liam scored the first win of the season with the renovation of Elle’s Dream Home kitchen, meticulously adhering to an intricate brief. The exquisite kitchen design they envisioned boldly pushes boundaries with its captivating curves and innovative elements.

Curvilinear Elements

From the island bench to the partition wall and rangehood, each architectural element within the kitchen boasts strikingly beautiful curves, setting this space apart with its exceptional design acumen.

Invisacook Induction Cooktop

The rear workbench seamlessly integrates an inconspicuous induction cooktop featuring Caesarstone’s Porcelain Fume™. Concealing its heating and electronics discreetly beneath the Caesarstone 12mm porcelain surface, which is the ideal surface material to use with induction cooking and epitomizes a seamless fusion of form and function.

Effortless Harmony

The honed finish of Porcelain Fume™, embellished with cream-colored veining, flawlessly complements the Danish Walnut cabinetry and timber floors, achieving an unerring sense of cohesion and sophistication.

Northcote Kitchen: Embracing Spacious Elegance

Jacinta and Jordan masterfully curated the kitchen and dining area for Brad and Mel’s dream home, culminating in a remarkable, expansive kitchen that seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics.

Island Bench

The stunning island bench takes centre stage in this entertainer’s kitchen, capturing attention with its generous proportions and exquisite fluting detail adorning the front cladding.

Caesarstone Porcelain Aluminous™

Merging effortlessly with the space’s other materials, the soft, neutral grey surface of Caesarstone’s Porcelain Aluminous™ adorns both the benchtop and waterfall ends, imparting a harmonious and cohesive appearance.

Welcoming Calm

The selection of materials and colour palette within the kitchen evokes a serene ambience, creating a welcoming haven for cherished family gatherings.

In conclusion, both kitchens stand as a testament to creativity, functionality, and an enduring sense of style. Whether it’s the expansive elegance of Northcote or the curvature-celebrating design in Watsonia, Dream Home continues to ignite the imagination of homeowners across Australia, inspiring them to reimagine the heart of their homes with unparalleled grace and sophistication.