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SKID by Sebastian Herkner for Caesarstone


SKID, a Caesarstone® bench and table duo designed by Sebastian Herkner, was launched in April in Milan as part of Wallpaper* Magazine’s Handmade exhibition.

The pieces, made entirely out of Caesarstone® designs, have been selected by Wallpaper* to be presented during NYC design week this May for a “best of” selection of the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition. In addition, three different Caesarstone® surface designs have been selected by Wallpaper for the exhibitions’ display tables and plinths.

The two pieces of furniture apply Caesarstone® surfaces to the knock-down design principle applied to ready-to-assemble structures; commonly used for kitchen countertops and wall cladding, the strong, solid Caesarstone® surface material is used like wood or paper. Like other renowned designers such as Oki Sato of Nendo, Juergen H. Meyer, and Raw Edges Design Studio, Herkner is taking Caesarstone® into furniture design by turning 2D panels into 3D objects.

The designer elaborates: “Caesarstone® gave us the possibility to follow our studio’s approach of a material-driven design process. Starting with a material is always a challenge and we use its advantages to develop a new character. Caesarstone® is a surface material with a wide range of beautiful colours and patterns – the material itself is extremely durable which allows us to use it in a knock-down principle, yet its surface appears quite warm and soft in its haptic.”

Sebastian Herkner has recently received accolades for his exploration of both traditional and innovative materials, as well as for his examination of industrial and manufacturing processes. He has previously created products for manufacturers such as ClassiCon, Moroso and Sancal. This latest collaboration reconfirms Caesarstone’s position as a leading platform for cutting-edge design, whilst exhibiting the material’s quality, beauty and functionality.

Caesarstone® designs being used in the exhibitions: 7150 Mosaici Carbone, 5380 Emporadoro, 5000 London Grey, 6270 Atlantic Salt, Piatra Grey 5003, Frosty Carrina 5141, 5220 Dreamy Marfil