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Scandi Design Meets Japanese Craftmanship


Siatama Kitchen’ by H. Miller Bros featuring Caesarstone’s White Attica™ countertop.

The beauty of Japanese cabinetry, together with the simplicity of Scandinavian functionality, reflect current consumer sentiment, whereby craftsmanship, sustainability and longevity are key factors in any design choice.

Timber, stone, mineral surfaces, natural light and elements of nature form the basis for the materials palette, while colours remain neutral and live foliage provides a shot of intense colour.

The featured kitchen designed and crafted by UK bespoke kitchen designers, H. Miller Bros, depicts the fusion of Japanese ornamentation with the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Caesarstone Mineral™ surface in White Attica™, with its flawless white base overlayed with an intricate tracery of navy grey veining, is used on the statement kitchen island made from a single British Elm tree (using traditional Japanese woodworking tools).

The same mineral surface is used on the rear work surface together with splashbacks. Overall, the materials palette is one of understated style – the simple, clean patina of the Scandi-style Caesarstone White Attica™ juxtaposed with the richness of the Asian-inspired timber cabinetry – creating an overall sense of calm and serenity.

The brief for the kitchen below was to ‘create a huge piece of furniture’! H. Miller Bros did just that, winning design awards along the way! The combination of Japanese cabinetry techniques, Iroko and Birch Ply timber and brass hardware culminate in a kitchen that is a masterpiece in craftsmanship, with a style that is timeless. 

The workbenches and splashback anchor the entire space, featuring a marble-inspired Caesarstone Mineral™ surface with a warm grey-white base overlayed with soft charcoal veins (from the Caesarstone collection of five* ‘marble’ designs in similar soft neutral colourways).  The clean, simple patina of Caesarstone White Attica™ surface creates a breathing space between the rich and complex timberwork.  

And while each kitchen exudes elegance, timeless style and craftsmanship, the choice of materials is paramount to achieving sustainability. Caesarstone Mineral™ surfaces, inspired by nature, comprise natural raw materials that are both ethically sourced and available in abundant quantities (such as Feldspar). Carrying a lifetime warranty, each design is extremely resistant to stains, heat and impact. 

Maintenance requirements are minimal – just a regular wipe with a damp cloth and a light detergent for more stubborn stains (sealing is not required).

*Caesarstone Mineral™ surfaces in the soft-grey marble-inspired aesthetic include White Attica™, Noble Grey™, Bianco Drift™, Georgian Bluffs™ and Brillianza™