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Kitchen Trends


The Kitchen, Today

From lifestyle and cultural trends through surface treatments and finishes, four stories take you on a journey to a better knowledge of current aesthetics. The brand explores kitchen & tech innovations, but also the way kitchens have become the central hub of the home whilst looking at the trends that will shape the design scene in 2018.

Caesarstone®: Kitchen Trends is complete with a colour and material palette in the shape of a stand-alone tangram, this book offers key insights to create tomorrow’s collections.

“In recent years, as walls have come down and homes opened up, the kitchen has become as much of a social hub as it is a cooking workshop or a dining theatre. People chop food on their countertop but also do their homework, drink cocktails with friends, work on craft projects, or play video games.”

Caesarstone® International

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Explore Kitchen Trends for 2018.

“Past and future, work and leisure, fashion and interiors,
home and retail, craft and digital…
We live in a time of blurring boundaries.
A time where opposites balance, inspire & complement one another”.

In pursuit of a new equilibrium, we return to ancient formulas of ideal proportions and explore historic references to redefine perfection. This intellectual approach to creative thinking sees a fresh, timeless aesthetic arise, achieved by thoughtful and refined designs that renew Modernism.

Inspiration: Timeless Classic

“The long-term, industrial trend will continue to be important
in seasons to come, but will evolve towards a more urban
and yet increasingly poetic and light-hearted direction.”

Heavy construction materials such as concrete or cement will be softened by light, feminine tints; new composites will be crafted with colourful industrial waste; and fanciful constructions will add a fun element to rough silhouettes. The serious industrial aesthetic is taking an experimental and playful stance.

Inspiration: Urban Industrial

Feature Caesarstone® Designs & Materials:

“Our world is moving faster than ever and time comes in short supply, so we try to live more slowly, design more thoughtfully, and find joy in quieter, softer environments.”

We pare back to the essential to make room in our minds, lives and homes. Our living spaces have a peaceful, calming quality that provides a visually light haven that soothes the eye but also the mind. This is an acutely minimal direction, elevated by careful details and high-quality finishes.

Inspiration: Calm Luxe

Feature Caesarstone® Designs & Materials:

“We seek deeper and more visceral connections to nature in an attempt to more meaningfully connect with the off-screen world.”

Surfaces, materials, colours and even shapes are drawn from the Earth and its untamed landscapes. We bring the outdoors indoors – via lush vegetation or textured finishes that play to our senses and answer our longing for real, rough, even feral tactility. Technology also takes a more low-key direction – ancient crafts and natural materials are combined with technological advances to create new, contemporary products and appliances.

Inspiration: Calm Luxe

Feature Caesarstone® Designs & Materials: