This elegant and reflective surface evokes luxury and modernity. Smooth to the touch, the Polished Finish is durable and long lasting. With minimal care and maintenance, Polished Finished surfaces add value to any design with their timeless and contemporary feel.


This slightly textural finish adds warmth to the grain for a unique sensory feel whilst its satin sheen gently reflects light. Suited to contemporary and classic interior designs, our Natural Finish combines the appeal of authentic texture with style and practicality.

Natural Finish Designs:

Black Tempal™

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This sleek matte Concrete Finish is a lightly textured finish inspired by the tactile nature of smooth concrete. It offers low light reflection that brings balance and a classic industrial presence to your design.

Concrete Finish Designs:

Fresh Concrete™

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Sleek Concrete™

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Raw Concrete™

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Frozen Terra™

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Rough Concrete

A rich, complex and technologically advanced finish that reflects the authentic patinas of industrial materials. The Rough Finish offers a distinctively coarse surface yet remains smooth enough for effective cleaning.

Rough Finish Designs:

Rugged Concrete™

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Cloudburst Concrete™

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Airy Concrete™

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Topus Concrete™

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Excava ™

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Primordia ™

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Experience the finishes

To fully appreciate the texture and appearance of each of surface finish we highly recommend taking the time to view full surface designs at your nearest Caesarstone showroom

Care & Maintenance

Concrete and Rough surfaces may require additional daily and weekly care. Due to the nature of the surface design, it is recommended that common household spills like liquid droplets and rings are dried immediately. As with any matte product, owners of Concrete and Rough Concrete finishes may see an increase in smudges from everyday living.

We encourage you to order a sample of our products that you are considering. When you receive your sample, try treating it to a few different scenarios that you may face in your kitchen; spill something on it, touch it with greasy fingers, clean it. This will help you understand how the surface
responds to your daily life and how comfortable you feel with it.

A complete guide to Caesarstone Surface Care and Maintenance is available here. To view our Collections or order a sample, please visit our Colours page or order now via the Sample Request Form.

See our Care & Maintenance Guide for more information on all surfaces.

Darker colours can highlight marks and fingerprints more readily and may require more regular cleaning.

Caesarstone® Concrete and Natural finish designs carry the same stain and scratch resistance as our polished surfaces, never require sealing and are simple to clean. However, these two finishes do not disguise marks and fingerprints as well as the polished designs, meaning more regular cleaning may be required.