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Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

2023 New Designs

Inspired by nature over millennia

The indescribable depth and feeling that only exists in nature is the canvas from which we create surface designs that integrate and bring stunning visual interest into your home or workspace.

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5113_Solenna 5113 Solenna Crystalline Silica Free
5140_DreamyCarrara 5140 Dreamy Carrara Crystalline Silica Free
5310_Brillianza 5310 Brillianza Crystalline Silica Free
542_Mosstone 542 Mosstone New In-Sync Technology
543_Marenstone 543 Marenstone New In-Sync Technology
544_Auralux 544 Auralux New In-Sync Technology
550_Silvax 550 Silvax New In-Sync Technology

Style that lasts a lifetime

Being inspired by nature goes well beyond the surface. It’s about harnessing the enduring quality of earth’s minerals to create the most durable surfaces. Every Caesarstone® surface is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be assured you’re adding lasting value to your home with quality indoor and outdoor benchtops and surfaces.