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There are plenty of options for finding a Caesarstone showroom or kitchen display centre that showcases the quartz colours you may be considering for your projects. 

Caesarstone Showrooms

Located in major cities across Australia, Caesarstone showrooms provide the perfect opportunity to view the entire Caesarstone collection under one roof with expert staff on hand to answer any product-related questions.

Our flagship showrooms in Sydney, Moorebank and Alexandria, offer working kitchen displays in the latest colour releases. All of our showrooms offer in situ benchtop displays, floor to ceiling collections of our Supernatural Ultra and Supernatural colours, as well as half wall samples of our Deluxe and Standard range colours.

Caesarstone Showroom Alexandria NSW

In Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, our distribution centres are alongside the showrooms offering you the opportunity to request to view full-size slabs of new and existing colour releases.

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the options on how and where to buy Caesarstone for your project.

Caesarstone Showroom Alexandria NSW

We always recommend bringing along other material samples for your project to help you find the perfect quartz stone colours for your design style.

Kitchen Display Centre

If you cannot visit a Caesarstone showroom, our Find-A-Display tool is a great way to find a kitchen display centre close to you.

Located across the depth and breadth of Australia, there are multiple ways to explore a kitchen centre that showcases a specific Caesarstone colour.

OKM Kitchens Showroom
Caesarstone® Black Tempal™

Whether it’s a showroom for a kitchen design company, furniture-maker, bathroom designer or a kitchen in a display home for a home builder, the Find-A-Display tool will help locate the nearest display for your chosen colour.

Marque Property Group Home Display Centre
Caesarstone® Rugged Concrete™

For ease, the Find-A-Display tool will provide you with all available details, including the address, opening times, contact details and website information for each display. You have everything you need to move forward.

Where to Buy Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a manufacturer of Caesarstone products, so while you can visit to explore all the colour designs, you cannot buy Caesarstone directly at a showroom.

Boutique Homes Display Home
Caesarstone® Airy Concrete™

Caesarstone is strictly a wholesaler of quartz, so when deciding where to buy Caesarstone we highly recommend contacting your stonemason, kitchen or bathroom retailer, builder or home builder to organise a formal quote.

Always insist on Caesarstone to ensure you have the highly-durable and high-quality quartz product you want for your project.

The Maker Designer Kitchens Showroom, Caesarstone® Airy Concrete™

Our knowledgeable showroom staff can help guide you through the options, so you know where to buy Caesarstone and can specify with confidence.

Where to Use Caesarstone

Caesarstone quartz is highly durable and easy to maintain. It is non-porous, heat, stain and mould resistant, making it ideal for many applications across the home, from kitchens and bathrooms to laundries, pantries, furniture and shelving.

Caesarstone Showroom Laundry Display featuring Caesarstone® Noble Grey™

Caring for Your Caesarstone

The finishes for Caesarstone quartz colours are easy to maintain. However, depending on the type of finish, the amount and frequency of cleaning can vary. There are detailed tips and advice on our Cleaning and Maintenance page to help you keep your Caesarstone looking its best.

Register your Caesarstone warranty for your complimentary cleaning kit.

Caesarstone Cleaning Kit

Design Inspiration

The Caesarstone website offers plenty of ideas and inspiration to help you gather your thoughts on what works best for your home. You will find home tours, helpful blogs and colour galleries filled with inspiration.

Our online visualiser tool is ideal for testing your colour choices alongside flooring, cabinetry, and more.

For any questions you may have about our quartz products contact us or call 1300 119 119.