For the third year in a row, Caesarstone is proud to present a unique installation designed by an international acclaimed designer, especially for the Milan Design Week. Movements, by London-based designer Philippe Malouin, is a two part installation displayed within the halls of the 18th century Palazzo Serbelloni. It examines the unexpected use of Caesarstone's surface material and process-based design.

An 8-piece swing-set, the installation provided the visitors and interesting experience swinging through a natural ballroom, while interacting with the Caesarstone material. The Caesarstone samples were presented in a unique and fun way, as opposed to a static countertop display.

A handmade group of planters that documents Philippe Malouin’s process of experimentation with material and technique. 
Described as an exercise in color shape and texture assembly, it exhibits Caesarstone as a versatile material and not only as a flat surface. Caesarstone is 93% quartz and emanates from natural sources thus having a natural connection to the plants.