Omvivo has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing luxury bathroom products since the early 90’s. Omvivo remains at the forefront of the Australian and international bathroom market and are widely regarded to be the most diverse manufacturing facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Their products have been selected for a number of prominent projects such as the award winning Qatar Science and Technology Park, Sydney Opera House and Eureka Tower.

Each Omvivo piece is crafted using superior materials such as Caesarstone® and the latest manufacturing technologies to produce a bathroom collection of the finest quality, designed for everyday use and produced for longevity, with a genuine consideration and appreciation for the environment.

The collection includes an extensive range of basins, bathroom furniture, baths and accessories, as well as the highly celebrated Omvivo Washplane® which was relaunched in 2008 in Caesarstone® - much of which is still proudly manufactured in Australia.

"The Washplane® is a signature creation for Omvivo, and has become somewhat of an icon in bathroom design. When considering options for the extension of the Washplane® range, it was important that the material choice met Omvivo’s high standards of quality and durability, while being visually stunning and offering our discerning clientele an exclusive product" said Suzie Dyson, Omvivo Brand Manager.

"Caesarstone® met these requirements, offering a beautiful, superior finish with the advantage of an excellent global reputation. When considering options for the Geo Washplane® range, Caesarstone® was an obvious choice thanks to its beautiful and consistent finish as well as the material’s durability which met Omvivo’s requirements as a luxury material option.”

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