Jux Developments pride themselves on exceptional customer service and each project is approached with enthusiasm and a view to ensuring all clients are happily settled in their dream homes as a measure of their success.

Jux Developments has earned a reputation for building and renovating individually designed homes with unsurpassable quality at a reasonable price.

The Jux Smart Home is a new venture for the Jux Developments team. They have designed the home to be adaptable to varying sites and local climatic conditions such as solar orientation, ventilation, insulation and shading. Ultimately with this taken into consideration the home will be cool in summer and warm in winter, which will help cut costs on cooling and heating.

Jux Developments also strive to look at new ways to provide their clients with eco-friendly options such as Caesarstone® and various choices for their new home to become sustainable. Not only are they using the principles from Passive Solar Design, but they are also sourcing materials from sustainable resources.

We have found Caesarstone® to be a quality product that our clients are completely satisfied with. Caesarstone® constantly evolves with new trends and colours, helping us achieve our commitment to creating a “Point of Difference” for our clients.

To find out more about Jux Developments and what they can offer please visit: www.juxdevelopments.com.au