Crafted For You

Behind the beauty of Caesarstone surface designs is authentic and human craftsmanship.

Crafted For You

An Innovative Blend of Art & Science

Known for pioneering quartz surfaces in the 1980s, Caesarstone remains at the forefront of the industry. Its innovative designs and unsurpassed quartz surface performance continue to bring luxury and appeal to homes worldwide.

So how does their design team find inspiration and stay one step ahead?

In the early days, quartz surface design focused on improving its stability and resilience as a surface. Today, the research and development (R&D) team, led by Chief Designer Mor Krisher, shapes the future of kitchen design by engineering the latest composition of surface technology, colour, pattern and texture.

“We’ve been designing quartz surfaces for over thirty years and continue to push technical and creative boundaries”, says Mor.

“We blend art and science in equal measure in product development. While beauty catches our eye, if a product doesn’t perform, we quickly lose patience.”

“Having an incredible R&D team means I can focus my attention solely on the art of our brand.”

With close to 60 products, Caesarstone’s comprehensive range satisfies a broad spectrum of design styles and colour palettes.

“Central to our design philosophy is our interpretive approach of the natural world. It’s how we transform the patterns, textures and movement we see in the world around us into something unique and individual.”

Inspired by the times in which we live, the Caesarstone Whitelight Collection features four new designs to evoke a strong sense of wellbeing and capture the essence of the Earth inside our homes.

“The new additions to the Whitelight Collection are a culmination of lived experiences, directed imagination and human craftsmanship,” explains Mor.

“The beauty of the natural world surrounds us, and in a year of constraints, we remember how fortunate we are to have such inspirations so close to hand.”

“With everyone spending more time indoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the world from inside; we take a piece of the Earth and bring it into your home. It’s about discovering a new dimension inside.”

“Our new collection of neutral light-coloured designs is an image of hope from the future. We look into the horizon of tomorrow wrapped in purity, resilience and imagination.”

The Whitelight Collection introduces four captivating new designs, Aterra Blanca, Arabetto, Adamina and Calacatta Maximus. Mor describes each attribute.

Inspired by the refined grace and strength of natural marble, Mor reveals, “Aterra Blanca’s misty white base comes with subtle dimensional earthy veining that transcends the surface. The stone radiates a translucent glow. It’s a versatile and adaptive design."

Designed to create a lasting impression, Mor says, “Arabetto expresses threads of jade, copper and soft translucent veins interwoven with elaborate swirls of darker, dense veining. The pure white polished backdrop becomes energised, dynamic, vibrant.”

Adamina embodies light in stone. Shades of sandy organic neutrals swell across its surface. It recreates the tender touches of a golden dune, “explains Mor. Adamina embraces our desire for calm in the home.

Calacatta Maximus is a crisp white canvas illustrated with lavish flashes of smoky veins highlighted in gold and copper. It gives the stone a bold, stylish look”.

The Whitelight Collection creates a new dimension of softness and warmth for the living spaces of tomorrow.

Mor’s interpretative approach looks to the future and opens a new luxury landscape with the Whitelight Collection.

“When we develop new designs, we take a hands-on artisan approach that embraces creative experimentation.”

“We take several different qualities from natural stone and combine them. We work on the nuances of the design for many months until we are 100 per cent happy.”

“The result is a beautifully natural-looking product. We give consumers and architects something unique not found anywhere else.”

“You have to use your five senses and focus on the search for the next trend,” Mor says. “The clues are everywhere, and you have to be able to collect them all the time. The magic is transforming the trend to a relevant, beautiful product.”

New product development at Caesarstone takes time – and many prototypes, explains Mor.

“Kitchens today are a space where food and people are joined together for dialogue at the heart of our home.”

“The kitchen is a playground for us to create joyful moments for our families and friends. It’s a place where things happen, where people live.”

Mor concludes that the design process is “an evolution – one thing leads to another. People are becoming bold in their choices. For me, it’s an opportunity to create more. There is always so much more to discover and bring to our customer.”

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