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Reading: How to Choose the Perfect White Paint for Your Kitchen

How to Choose the Perfect White Paint for Your Kitchen

5 min read

We asked Wattyl’s colour and design expert about picking the perfect white, and how to style your space to bring out the true beauty in your Caesarstone® surface.


White; so popular and yet such a mystery to most. The right white can look flawless, fresh and finished. The wrong white can look drab and dated, and it seems there is an infinite number of hues and shades to choose. Confusing? Scary? Definitely!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic colour wand, but there are some tips and tricks that will help you pick the right white. Once you’re satisfied, you’ve nailed that exact shade for your walls, you can start looking at the design, textures and colours of your countertop accessories to ensure you pull off the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

When it comes to harmonising colours, whether its paint, furniture, flooring or bench tops, it’s all about the undertone. By understanding which hint of colour lies under the main colour, you’ll be able to ensure you combine the right shades in a palette. White can be ever so subtle in its undertone, so it’s not always easy to analyse, but if you follow a few simple steps, you’ll be confident you’ve made the right choice!

Tip 1 – Understand the Undertone

Look closely at the permanent fixtures in your space and get up close and personal with them. Which colours lie beneath? Are they warm or cool?

Tip 2 – Study and Compare – compare, compare, compare

Visit a Wattyl Paint centre and grab some swatches of the whites you think may have a similar undertone and take them home to compare. Then compare some more! Study those whites hard. Look at them against each other, against your Caesarstone® samples and even against a sheet of plain, white paper. Look at them in different lights, at different times of the day. You’ll start to see their undertone and begin to get a feel for which sit harmoniously, and which throw out all sorts of funky colours.


Wattyl’s recommendation for New Empira White

The immaculate crispness of the white of this beautiful stone is contrasted with the delicate touches of organic black veins. To me, it is all about the purity and organic feel this stone imbues. The natural choice for a complimentary wall colour will be, of course, an extremely crisp white. Wattyl Calcium is a pristine white that compliments the stone and helps create this immaculate look


Tip 3 – Test the Best

Testing is a step people often skip, but it’s worth the small amount of time and money to make sure you get it right. Purchase a test pot or two of the colours you feel most confident about and paint them onto a piece of white card, or on your wall. Watch them, live with them, accessorise them, light them and make sure you’re truly happy with your final choice.

Now you can apply a couple of coats to the walls, and there you have it, your fresh, fabulous white backdrop begging for some style and personality.

Tip 4 – Study Your Caesarstone® – Find your Finish

Caesarstone® has so many amazing finishes. Some colours talk to a very distinct look or style, such as modern industrial (check out their latest finishes such as Rugged Concrete, Excava and the new distinctive and unique Primordia). Others are more subtle in colour and finish and will enhance several architectural styles.

Wattyl’s recommendation for New Primordia

This stone is complex in it’s makeup. It has an industrial feel with organic, natural undertones. Primordia is a mix of cool, concrete tones, over and underlaid with hints of warmth. Wall colours should be contemporary and soft. Wattyl Alabaster is a lovely warm grey that plays to both the industrial and the organic tones of the stone.


The sheen and texture of your Caesarstone® may play a part in your choice of finishes for accessories. Keeping all your surfaces in a similar finish will help bring a sense of cohesion and flow to the overall design.

Think about using one of the colours featured in the natural pattern of your stone as an accent colour for your accessories. Again, this creates a sense of considered consistency. Conversely, by using a contrasting colour to your benchtop, you can create a heightened sense of energy in your space.

Make sure you consider the proportions of inclusions in your space. Size, colour and texture can all change the visual focus so make sure of your intention and keep the balance.

Tip 5 – Enhance with Plants

If you are not sure what look to go for, add plants! Herbs, hanging plants, window boxes, you name it. Plants are an easy way to bring texture, depth and interest to your space. Nature goes with everything!

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