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Reading: Caesarstone’s design guru – and his inspiring, design-led collections

Caesarstone’s design guru – and his inspiring, design-led collections

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Always at the forefront of design, Caesarstone’s Head of Product Design, Mor Krisher, shares his insights, inspirations and to-do list.

It is a full-time job following design trends and adapting them for Caesarstone, in order to maintain our reputation as a provider of products at the cutting-edge.

Metropolitan Collection

Head of Product Design at Caesarstone, Mor Krisher, is always on the alert for new technology, new colours and textures to work with our already extensive offering.

You have to use your five senses, and be focused on the search for the next trend” he says. “The clues for new trends are everywhere, and you have to be able to collect them all the time. The magic is transforming the trend to a relevant, beautiful product.

Caesarstone® has recently released its new Metropolitan Collection, which Krisher created.

In developing the new collection, we looked at it from three different perspectives: industrial, natural and art” he says. “We have tried to focus on the natural characteristics of industrial processes, delivering Metropolitan as a one-of-a-kind art piece.

Excava Inspiration

Inspiration for Excava came from the blade of the saw that cuts the Caesarstone® slabs, he says. “The water gives the blades a layer of a beautiful rusty patina, a dramatic layer of brown and orange flames over the metallic gray blade” he adds. “As we watched the first slabs coming out in the production line, I thought it had a delicate rawness, as if the blades have left their marks of industry.

For Rugged Concrete, we used a drawing of the moon for inspiration. Drawn by a local artist, it inspired the colours and the new technology developed for this model. The technology imitates the strokes of a paintbrush and the final result was again a fusion of art, industrial and nature, a concrete moon.

Concrete-look Surfaces

Krisher says that new product development at Caesarstone® takes time – and many prototypes.

After we develop the concept, we start the search for the right colours” he says. “The colours must engage each other and complete one another. Than we start the process of the hunt for the master slab. We are looking for the perfect combination of layers, colours and structure that best represents the concept.”

Krisher says he wants to add colour, texture and complexity to modern kitchen designs.

I think the trend of sterile kitchens can’t continue” he says. “Caesarstone® doesn’t like to advertise kitchens today without people. It’s no longer a countertop with cabinets. It’s a space where food and people are joined together for dialogue. The kitchen is a playground for us to create joyful moments for our families and friends. It is a place where things happen, where people live.

Krisher says Caesarstone® continues to see increasing demand for concrete-look surfaces. Two new colours in the Metropolitan Collection – Topus Concrete and Airy Concrete are inspired by concrete, but still have the trademark Caesarstone® air of quality.

It is an evolution – one thing leads to another” he says. “When we started with concrete we presented the Sleek Concrete, then the Raw Concrete and then the more advanced Rugged Concrete. People are becoming bold in their choices. For me it’s an opportunity to create more. There is always so much more to discover and bring to our customers.

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