We asked Polytec Product Design & Development Specialist, Interior Designer and Trend Forecaster Marylou Cafaro,

how to choose the right cabinetry to match your Caesarstone surface.




Polytec & Caesarstone are a perfect match for your kitchen or bathroom.

They are designed and selected for the discerning taste of the Australian market who prefer good quality and good-looking products that can not only capture today's key trends but also transcend them to look great together for many decades.

Polytec door styles and colours complement Caesarstone designs and colours, and both have many options to suit all tastes or combinations.

- Marylou Cafaro


Are there any no-no’s when it comes to selecting the right cabinetry to match your Caesarstone surface - What’s your top tip for nailing the match?

Marylou: White is still a popular choice. To create a perfectly matched harmonious look for your joinery, match the Polytec door with the background white colour in your Caesarstone surface.


Colour Matching Tips


Polytec Blossom White

Polytec Blossom White matt or sheen match the majority of Caesarstone whites, ensuring you get it right. 


Polytec Natural Oak

Another way to ensure you nail the look is to see if your Caesarstone has a yellow based vein or undertone then match it with Polytec yellow based solid colours and timber prints like our Polytec Natural Oak ravine or Prime Oak woodmatt.



Polytec Tasmanian Oak

If it has a red or pink based undertone then select doors with a red based timber print like our Polytec Tasmanian Oak woodmatt, Maison Oak ravine or the new Rojo Walnut woodmatt.




Even the grey and black stones have a slightly yellow or red tone, so look out for it before you match your door.


What do you look for when deciding which style of Polytec product will complement Caesarstone colours & designs?

Marylou: It’s exciting to see the new releases and to dissect the many subtle colours used in the new Caesarstone designs.

My starting point is the stone itself; then I gather the Polytec solid colours and timber prints that connect with the same shades drawn out of the character of the stone.

Also, contrast colours, e.g. metallic leaf or dark colours, are present in the stone itself even if it’s only a tiny percentage. These can help to unify the whole colour scheme.

The beauty of both Caesarstone colours and Polytec colours/prints is they are both suitable for many interior styles. The profile of the Polytec door typically dictates the look and style.


HAMPTON - A profiled Hampton door for a Hampton style.

CONTEMPORARY – Incorporate a handle-free bevelled door or Manchester flat door for a more modern style.



THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - The new Ascot door is a contemporary version of the Hampton door, giving you the best of both, an impressive profiled look for a modern setting. 

All doors can be the same colour in all the three styles, it’s the profile of the door itself that screams style.

Caesarstone and Polytec do not pigeon hole the colours into only one trend for this reason as they are suitable across many looks and styles.


Do different styles of door suit different textures of surface?

Marylou: Surface finishes have become quite a focus in trends and products these days as innovation and technology has allowed both Caesarstone and Polytec to produce beautiful, durable surfaces that are amazing to touch in either a matt finish or subtle stone or timber texture.

We seem to be touching everything thanks to i-technology, so it’s essential to have a surface that communicates quality, is desirable to touch and easy to keep clean.

We are finding the majority of joinery selections are showcasing matt or super matt finishes such as Polytec venette or Polytec woodmatt. The soft to touch durable door surfaces team well with Caesarstone concrete and rough surfaces ensuring the joinery looks more like bespoke furniture pieces than just a kitchen cabinet.



What’s your advice for creating a timeless design?

Marylou: Just by using Caesarstone and Polytec products, you will have a timeless look because both products are designed for longevity.


Another expert tip:

Use your Caesarstone as the inspiration to draw out the colours of your doors. Finding the perfect match for the two critical elements of your design, the benchtop and cabinetry doors, creates a timeless design.



Polytec is an Australian marketer and distributor of decorative surfaces dedicated to providing the finest quality products. Across the industry, Polytec is renowned for innovation, craftsmanship, customer service and the use of quality materials. In the decorative surfaces category, Polytec is the fastest growing brand in Australia and owned by Borg, a privately owned, Australian company.

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