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Reading: Behind the Scenes with Three Birds Renovations

Behind the Scenes with Three Birds Renovations

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Three of the most inspirational, hard-working and beautiful ladies walked away from their corporate lives to pursue their passion for renovation. Three Birds Renovations – Bonnie, Erin & Lana are the dream team inspiring people all over Australia to live a life doing something you truly love; for them, it’s renovating ‘houses’ in record time, breathing new life & making it a ‘home’. Three Birds Renovations are now up to their fifth home reno – and the suspense for finishing this home is growing upon each episode release!

With a growing number of followers, Three Birds Renovations have taken Social Media by storm, sharing amazing inspirational content and urging many viewers to get up and renovate their homes!

Caesarstone® is so pleased to be collaborating with Three Birds Renovations for House Five – the ladies visited Caesarstone’s Alexandria Showroom to make their colour selections for the kitchen. It’s safe to say it wasn’t an easy task with so many colours to choose from, but with the help of Linda Hannah, the ladies were able to come to a conclusion on their perfect surface.

Stay tuned across our website & social media to watch House Five unfold!

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