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Reading: 3 Reasons Why White Kitchens Always Win

3 Reasons Why White Kitchens Always Win

3 min read

White kitchens are perennially popular with Australian homeowners and renovators. Here’s how to choose them, keep them clean – and why they are always a good investment

While kitchen trends come and go, the white kitchen has stood the test of time – white benchtops, white splashbacks and even white cabinetry is eternally popular and our extensive range of whites will always remain among Caesarstone’s biggest sellers.

Georgia Ezra
Georgia Ezra

Dominique McAdam of Provincial Kitchens is known for her white kitchen designs and says she feels white shades create an inviting area to work in. “Whites make it a happy space.”she says.

“If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen it’s nice to feel that it’s joyful, open and really inviting – you never get tired of white. You can decorate around it and as your tastes change, you can introduce the colours that you want into that space.

Architect Prineas
Architect Prineas

“So you might go through a phase in your life where you like all red accents; or it might be blue accents, or grey and you can change over time. Having something as simple as a white base to work with gives clients longevity with their kitchen.”

“And let’s face it, if you build a kitchen right, it looks good in 30 years.”

McAdam uses Caesarstone® all the time with her kitchen designs. “Caesarstone® as a product gives you longevity as well,” she adds, noting the brand’s durability. “It’s going to stand the test of time and look good along with it.”

H+G Design
H+G Design

Her go-to white Caesarstone® surfaces? McAdam favours Pure White from the Premium Range as her starting point, although she often specifies Calacatta Nuvo or Statuario Maximus, from the Supernatural Ultra Range, which both bring in beautiful marble-like veining as a detail to add an extra level of luxury to a white-on-white kitchen.

Glasshouse Projects |
Rawson Homes
Three Birds Renovations
Three Birds Renovations

White kitchens always do well for anyone considering selling their house down the track because the new owners will have a blank slate to add their own personality – plus when the benchtops are Caesarstone, buyers also know that it’s largely maintenance-free.

Wendy Moore, editor-in-chief of Home Beautiful and judge on TV’s House Rules, says that she always loves a white benchtop, even if she often adds in colour throughout other parts of the kitchen. She’s just planning a new kitchen for her own home now and is looking at Caesarstone® as she already has a Snow benchtop in her laundry and loves the practicality of it. This time she’s keen to go with Pure White – for its crispness and premium feel.

“Engineered stone such as Caesarstone® is deceptively easy to keep clean,” Moore says. “You might think it’s difficult because it’s white but any stains are easy to remove and it mostly just needs a wipe down. It’s a really easy surface to keep clean – and that’s important in a kitchen.”

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