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Reading: Statement from the Worktop Fabricators Federation on Respirable Dust

Statement from the Worktop Fabricators Federation on Respirable Dust

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The Worktop Fabricators Federation is a non profit organization in the UK for those using industrial fabrication methods to make worktops from natural stone and similar man-made materials. They recently released a statement on respirable dust to their members on March 9th 2023.

Full Statement details as per below.

Dear all,

With the current wave of interest in stone dust, in the wake of developments in Australia, the WFF Board has issued the following statement on behalf of the Federation:

While the current batch of headlines may be new, the potential risks from respirable dust associated with fabricating stone products have been well understood for decades.  The HSE’s (still) current position is as stated below: 

“Products containing silica can be processed safely when proper controls are put in place. We would urge all manufacturers and fitters to ensure that they use suitable controls to protect their workers and themselves from inhaling silica dust.”

Professional worktop fabricators understand that cutting any product which contains silica is likely to give rise to silica dust.  Members of the Worktop Fabricators Federation all cut their stone on specialist machinery in carefully controlled factory environments.  

WFF has been at the forefront of developing and sharing industry health & safety best practice since its original formation:  our members are acutely aware of the dangers surrounding respirable dust, and are engaged in instituting and pro-actively improving appropriate controls.

WFF sits alongside trade unions and fellow industry organisations like the Stone Federation, Mineral Products Association and Glass Manufacturers Association on the HSE’s CHARGE stone and ceramics industry advisory committee.  By combining the front-line experience of our professional fabricators with market-leading manufacturer and wholesaler Sponsors, WFF can provide both members and regulators with a uniquely broad and well-informed sounding-board on best-practice and risk-management.

We are very willing to hear, learn and work with anyone who has new ideas, new products or new approaches which can help our members run safer, cleaner processes.  

Occupational health and safety is an ever-improving glide-path.  WFF members understand the long-term prosperity of our industry and the aspiration in our customers’ minds for high-value stone worktops needs to be underpinned by our commitment to the safety of our workforce just as much as to the quality of our finished product.  

With best regards,


Chris Pateman

General Secretary                             

07366 391105.