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Reading: Implement a ‘Best Practice’ approach in our EHS systems

Implement a ‘Best Practice’ approach in our EHS systems

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As you may know, according to the national OHS legislation from 2012 called “Model Workplace Health and Safety Act”, both the owner/manager of the workplace and the supplier of the plant substance are obliged to meet different requirements to ensure the health and safety of any person in the workplace (Section 20(2) and 25(2)(b) of the said Act).

In July 2019 the Australian Government established the National Dust Disease Taskforce to develop a nationally consistent approach to prevention, early identification, controls, and management, of occupational disease related to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust within Australia. As a result, much research and consultation has been completed to identify solutions in addition to what is currently outlined in existing regulations.

In addition to the enhanced efforts by industry and government bodies, Caesarstone, as an industry leader worldwide, is continuously working towards achieving ‘World Class’ safety standards for our industry with the goal of making it a safe and healthy industry. As such, we are working to provide our customers with up-to-date comprehensive OHS informative materials and warnings regarding working in an RCS dust environment.

As part of our journey towards an industry united in preventing illness from hazardous RCS dust, we have been undergoing a comprehensive review of our EHS systems which led us to implement a ‘Best Practice’ approach to the supplier Duty of Care obligations.

This effectively means for you, as a Caesarstone’s customer, that we require you to verify and provide to us certain information of your safe systems of work.

So, what do we require?

  1. Evidence of Personal Injury Insurance (if Sole Trader) or Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Certificate of Currency)
  2. Signed receipt and acknowledgement form regarding information provided in the Good Practice Guide (Edition 3.1), Caesarstone’s SDS and in the Fabrication & Installation Guide (Edition 6)
  3. Company Registration (ABN and/or ACN) number
  4. Registering with Caesarstone’s Master of Stone online Knowledge Centre by contacting your Sales
    Representative .
  5. Signed & Dated Customer EHS Compliance Agreement Form (CSA-EHS-031d).

All information provided will be held in confidence subject to each state and territory’s privacy laws.

To assist in making this process as easy and streamlined as possible, your state manager will be available to answer any of your questions. Alternatively, our National EHS Manager, Kim Smith, can reached on mobile number 0427 159 126 to address any of your questions, queries, or concerns.