Why Choose

Because it's Caesarstone...

We don’t just make benchtops and quartz surfaces.​

We choose to create surfaces that combine the pinnacle of performance and design to deliver something truly extraordinary.

Rich in sophistication and style, the premium nature of a Caesarstone® countertop will be a drawcard not just for you and your family, but for anyone who walks into your dream kitchen.​

As the old adage says; don't compromise…

“Do it once, do it well”.​

Quality You Can Depend on

Other products may look similar.

But it is often what you can’t see - the quality of raw materials, the manufacturing technology and the know-how of being the inventor of engineered quartz that makes the difference as to whether a product will give you years of trouble free service.

If you are renovating or building a new home, insist on the Caesarstone® brand.

Don't settle for anything less.

Durability for Peace of Mind

Since being the first engineered quartz brand to launch in Australia almost 20 years ago, over 1 million Australian homes have chosen Caesarstone.

Caesarstone® gives you total peace of mind that you’ve chosen not just the durability and quality of a Caesarstone® surface, but an inspired centrepiece for a lifetime of experiences.

Maintaining Your Surface

The World’s Leading
Benchtop Designs

At Caesarstone, we don’t follow trends in colour and design. We set them.

Creating the world’s leading surface designs is not done by computers. We have a team of dedicated designers who devote themselves to the highly skilled craft of premium surface design.

Our design team produces unique designs that not only set the trend but stand the test of time.

We capture not just the essence of today, but the promise of an inspirational future. Go behind the scenes with the design team in Crafted For You. 

Crafted For You

Your Renovation Partner

We make a complex process easy with support, inspiration and a human touch. We help you with all the details so you can bring your vision to life.

Visit our showrooms and talk to our showroom team, view our extensive Inspiration Gallery, and try our Visualiser.

Try the Visualiser Find a Showroom

Adds Value When You
Sell Your House

If you read real estate listings for new homes, you’ll notice Caesarstone regularly highlighted as a key selling feature.

Research shows that a kitchen with a Caesarstone benchtop is rated significantly higher than the same kitchen without Caesarstone on attributes including Style, Luxury, Premium, High Quality, Durable and Trusted.

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* Source: Eris Strategy Research, Australia wide, n=300, July 2018, 
against brand new home and new apartment buyers/intenders within last +/- 3 years

The Choice of Australia’s
Architects & Designers

Caesarstone is consistently specified as the number 1 choice of brand for benchtops by Australia’s leading architects and designers.

They trust the product for its durability, its style and its timelessness. It’s a reflection of the quality work they strive to deliver.

Inside the Homes of Designers

Environmentally pro-active and sustainable manufacturing

Caesarstone® is committed to a Cleaner, Safer and Better Quality Environment.

  • Our comprehensive environmental agenda includes:
  • Commitment to ecologically responsible production processes.
  • The development of environmentally friendly products made with high levels of recycled materials.
  • The implementation of internationally recognized sustainable industrial standards and practices.
  • For further information, go to the Environmental Commitment page

Insist on Caesarstone®

It’s important to ensure that your choice of Caesarstone isn’t being substituted for a cheaper, lower quality product.

To ensure you have certified Caesarstone® brand products, check the underside of the bench top for the genuine, authentic identification information.

If you have any doubts about whether you are being offered genuine Caesarstone® brand products in your next project, then ask your supplier or contact Caesarstone® on 1300 119 119, or [email protected].

Upon installation of your Caesarstone surfaces, be sure to register your warranty online to receive your complimentary Caesarstone Cleaning Kit.

The Quartz Advantage

Quartz is more than beautiful. It is also one of nature’s hardest minerals. Containing up to ~90% natural quartz, Caesarstone surfaces combine practicality with stunning design.

  • Durable
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Design flexibility
  • Scratch & stain resistant
  • Easy to install

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