The Block 2019 | Guest Bedroom 2 Week 5 Reveals

Three different styles, one winning combination – Caesarstone® Topus Concrete™ and Wardrobes by Freedom Wardrobes.

Revealing three very different, yet unique styles for their second guest bedrooms The Block 2019 couples are embracing the versatile design capabilities of Caesarstone®, with three couples opting for one of the latest innovative Caesarstone® designs, Topus™, Statuario Maximus™ or Noble Grey™ for their bedroom designs.


Albeit a close call, let’s take a look at this week’s fabulous bedroom reveals, starting with Deb and Andy’s winning design:

House Three: Deb & Andy’s Winning Bedroom Design

Using their trump card, Deb and Andy take the win by half a point, delivering a bedroom design that exudes sophistication and elegance evoking a remarkable sense of well-being with its light and airy design. A ‘happy room’ with ‘broad appeal’.

The couple’s styling, while consistent, continually steps up a notch creating a natural and pleasing flow between the rooms.

Opting for a Sierra White Matt door finish and contrasting Ash Firenze interior, Deb and Andy create a refined yet functional space with the double stacked cabinetry providing ample storage.

Completing the luxurious design is the beautiful Caesarstone® Topus Concrete™ make-up station, with its rugged patinas and hints of neutral blush echoing the neutral and pastel colour palette of the space.

Get Deb & Andy’s Bedroom look:

Cabinetry by Freedom Wardrobes:

  • Exterior finish in Sierra White Matt
  • Internal finish in Ash Firenze Natural

Special features:

House Two: Tess & Luke

Tess and Luke deliver an ‘accomplished room’ with a ‘Scan-Deco’ feel.

The neutral colour palette contrasts against the Sierra Warm Grey shaker style doors and Mountain Oak interior finish creating a beautiful, luxurious feel for the space.

To maximise their space Tess and Luke, opt for a clean, sleek run of wardrobe cabinets, including internal drawers, a pigeon-hole unit and plenty of hanging space for clothes, shoes and accessories.

Completing the look, the couple opt for a versatile dressing table or desk topped with the luxurious elegance of Caesarstone® Noble Grey™ with its broad, natural, dark grey veins sweeping across a gentle light grey background the Caesarstone® provides the ultimate finishing touch.

Get Tess & Luke’s Bedroom look:

Cabinetry by Freedom Wardrobes:

  • Exterior finish in Sierra Warm Grey
  • Internal finish in Mountain Oak

Special features:

  • Caesarstone® Noble Grey™ Desk-Top
  • Satin Black Rounded D Handle
  • Pigeon Hole Interior Dividers
  • Black Hanging Rail
  • Vertical Mood Lighting

House Five: Jesse & Mel

Back in the game, Jesse and Mel go bold with effortless luxury. With an ambient artwork the couple deliver a guest bedroom their complements their luxurious home.

Opting for a rich colour palette, the Supa Wenge cabinetry doors are the perfect complement to the colour palette and dark joinery favoured throughout the home.

For a high-end feel, the couple add extra touches like the Vertical Mood Lighting within the wardrobe and extensive full and half hanging space. The wardrobe houses plenty of drawers and shelving maximising the storage and functionality of the room.

The inclusion of a sophisticated desk topped with the marble-inspired design of Caesarstone® Statuario Maximus™ with its grey sweeping veins complements the luxurious styling of the space.

Get Jesse & Mel’s Bedroom look:

Cabinetry by Freedom Wardrobes:

  • Exteriors in Supa Wenge
  • Internals in Mountain Oak Natural 

Special features:

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