Caesarstone Industry Support

In the ten years since Caesarstone Australia began operations in Australia, we have provided the independent stonemason industry information about the safety measures required to be implemented when working in a silica dust environment.

Initiatives include:

  • Every stonemason customer has been provided with comprehensive instructions via the Caesarstone Fabrication & Health Protection Guide and the Safety Data Sheets.
  • The full 104 page guide is available to download throughout this site, with the Health & Safety information contained on pages 82-92.
  • Caesarstone supplies each individual slab to stonemasons with the relevant warnings, health and safety information prior to fabrication and installation. 
  • Conducted a series of workshops along the east coast of Australia, inviting a wide range of stonemasons to attend to receive training and updates on safe working practices.
  • Caesarstone staff regularly visit customer work sites & respond to any queries on health and safety.
  • All invoices issued contain relevant safety information.

Caesarstone is a founding member of the NSW Government Taskforce and the Queensland Government Code of Practice working group.  Caesarstone continues to engage with Government Workcover agencies, unions, occupational physicians and the Thoracic Society, industry associations and State Health Departments, to ensure there is ongoing awareness of adequate safety standards and the importance of workplace monitoring.

Caesarstone will continue to actively promote and educate safe handling of our products by stonemasons by implementing the following plans moving forward:


  • Further reviewing and communicating our Fabrication & Health Protection Guide
  • Forming an industry advisory group to ensure the industry is working closely together on the issue
  • Developing a dedicated stonemason information website, including safety videos, to enhance the communication with stonemasons
  • Developing an occupational and medical referral list for customers
  • Providing customers with Government regulations and guidelines (Federally and for each State)
  • Increasing and improving customer communications via regular EDMs
  • Conducting further training sessions to stonemasons about health & safety procedures
  • Creating extra safety signage for customer work sites

State Governments have expressed a desire to develop a code of practice for industry and regulations that explicitly prohibit uncontrolled dry cutting of engineered stone and we are actively involved in providing input on that proposal. We welcome these initiatives and note that Caesarstone’s own recommended safety standards have long urged stonemasons to use wet-cutting and proper respiratory protection.

Every Caesarstone production line employee receives comprehensive training regarding the safe handling of our products. In addition, safety guidelines are posted clearly throughout our manufacturing facilities. There are no production facilities in Australia as slabs are imported to this country. However, we train our sales staff who visit customer work sites and issue them with safety equipment for use when entering areas where the product is being fabricated.