Caesarstone® Australia would like to congratulate Edstein Creative Stone on being recognized in the savewater!® awards for their outstanding innovation and achievement in the reduction of water used by a small business.

Edstein Creative Stone have reduced their water consumption from 24.5 megalitres in the 12 months leading up to September 2009, to just 0.6 megalitres over the following nine months – representing a water saving of 96.8 per cent or the equivalent of 9.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

To achieve these results, Edstein Creative Stone implemented a twin dose chemical treatment plant which disposes of the waste material produced during the manufacturing process. Secondary filtration is applied to the treated water allowing the recycled water to be reused throughout the entire production line.

A 250,000 litre rainwater tank was also installed to harvest water from the roof of the Edstein Creative Stone manufacturing facility which is used to top up water lost through evaporation and chemical treatment.

Edstein Creative Stone are always investing in new processes and technologies to further enhance the productivity of their business, as well as gaining new insights from their customers to develop new services and solutions for the multitude of applications that Edstein Creative Stone manufacture for.

“In this regard we respect the synergy between Edstein Creative Stone and Caesarstone® who are also constantly developing new products and actively promoting their brand” says Nigel Ferguson, CEO Edstein Creative Stone.