Within seconds of entering your office space, clients are forming opinions of your business. With a little interior design magic, you can set the tone, convey your company ethos and leave a lingering first impression on prospective clients for all the right reasons.
We have gathered five inspirational examples to show you how businesses are shaping perceptions through design.  



Urban Design (SA) featuring Excava ™


Welcoming clients with the bold urban aesthetic of Caesarstone Excava™, By Urban set the tone for their showroom. The attention to detail and luxurious finishes throughout their showroom and impressive kitchen displays convey their dedication to understanding the dynamic interplay between people and their built environment.

You’ll notice the Rugged Concrete display above isn’t a reception, but it’s in their showroom. How could we not show this incredible kitchen island!

Interior Design: By Urban
Reception Desk: Caesarstone Excava™
Kitchen Display: Caesarstone Rugged Concrete™


PepsiCo (SA) featuring Airy Concrete ™

PepsiCo’s new reception area projects a calm, alluring welcome for prospective clients and staff. Its rich minimalistic design enhanced by the authentic colouring and texture of Caesarstone Airy Concrete™.

Interior Design by IA DesignsR
Reception Desk: Caesarstone Airy Concrete™


First Samuel (Vic) featuring Cloudburst Concrete ™

The warm colour palette and curved elements of First Samuel’s contemporary workspace evoke a sense of calm and professionalism. An understated yet aspirational look and feel featuring the sophisticated patinas of Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete™.

Interior Design by JMC Projects
Reception Top: Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete™


ABN Group – Airy Concrete ™

Dedicated to providing innovation, quality and cutting-edge design, ABN Group creates a natural alignment to client expectations with an elegant reception area featuring the luxurious look and feel of Caesarstone Airy Concrete™.

Interior Design by ABN Group
Reception Desk: Caesarstone Airy Concrete™


Meet in Place (UK) featuring Raven

Revolutionising the business meeting experience, Meet in Place, project their modern approach to accessible workspaces with Scandinavian inspired design. Enhanced by the delicate two-tone blend and texture of Caesarstone Raven™, the reception creates an enticing focal point for visitors without the need for signage.

Reception Desk: Caesarstone Raven™
Design: Meet in Place, London

Our talented team of designers are on-hand at Caesarstone showrooms across the country brimming with the ideas, advice and guidance you need to take your business appeal to the next level.


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