With an average of 1.360 million viewers, The Block on Channel 9 is easily Australia's favourite reality renovation program.

Among the show's contestants, it is clear that Caesarstone® has become a favourite product for their laundry and kitchen transformations and an absolute hit with the judges.

Josh & Jenna were "proud of the stunning Caesarstone® benchtops in the laundry area" which they cited as a "great way to maximise a tight space while providing the best functionality."

The judges also took a shine to the Caesarstone® bench top in the laundry, with Shelley Craft, Scott Cam and Neale Whitaker all making mention of its use in this room.

"I have my hand on some good quality Caesarstone!” said Neale Whitaker from Belle Magazine during his first tour through Josh & Jenna's laundry renovation.

"These pair has shown great consistency of vision. They always seem to be setting their own bar higher."

The Block airs weeknights at 7pm on the Nine Network.