Compare all Supernatural Ultra designs


Whether you are looking for subtle or bolder features all three Supernatural Ultra marble inspired designs are inherently unique with differences between each design in the pattern, scale, width and colour of the veins and the overall appearance and base colour of the slab.  

  • The new Statuario Maximus™ design features bolder, very natural, darker grey veins sweeping across its soft white base colour further enriched by delicate, infused background veins.
  • Calacatta Nuvo the original Supernatural Ultra design features classic wide, lighter grey veins.
  • Statuario Nuvo on the other hand incorporates delicate finer grey/brown veins, perfect for where a more subtle overall look is sought.

We always recommend viewing a large panel or full slab to appreciate the overall colour and design appearance, including the scale and direction of the veins within each design.  A large sample of Statuario Maximus can be viewed now in each Caesarstone showroom in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

To locate your nearest kitchen retail showroom simply go to Find a Display and select ‘5031 Statuario Maximus’.